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Kitchen Confidential: I used to cook?

After my freshman year of high school I got my first paying taxes job. I got hired on to work in the kitchen of the local pool’s snack bar. 315 more words

The Dishwasher

You probably think it’s easy to be a dishwasher in a professional kitchen. It’s the lowest of the low, right? The most menial of jobs on the planet, right? 1,267 more words


Plastic Wrap

You hide it. You steal it. You tangle it up. You twist it up. You tear it. You curse at it.

Every kitchen’s got a ration of plastic wrap, the big industrial kind, the two-foot wide kind, and there’s never enough for each cook. 1,501 more words


Paranoia and the Purple People Eater

Through the eyes of a line cook or chef, we look out upon this crazy mixed up world and often see a bunch of disoriented nonsense. 677 more words


[Recipe] Berlin Saint-Luc: Harry's Souperman

Presiding over the stovetop and a hissing cauldron in the Harry’s Pizzeria kitchen, Berlin Saint-Luc is in the zone.  His soup zone.  Steam is billowing in fragrant plumes.   1,057 more words

Behind The Scenes

Pictures, Panties, and a Jalapeno

O.k., so one of my friends (a guy) (I’m a guy too if you were too uhm . . . simple . . .  to guess) said I should put pictures on my blog so more people will see my blog because its so true and funny real life shit. 139 more words


The Dick-Dick Game

Hey, finally back to work yesterday . . . burns and all. Like I said though, it’s o.k. because all my skin fell off the day before. 470 more words