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Mis En Place

For many years my friends and family have written me for cooking advice, recipes and ideas for dinner. As I inundate the people around me with food porn, cooking links, line cook rants and a plethora of bakes sweets they’ve asked me ‘Why don’t you start a blog?’. 44 more words


The Relaxed Chef

Would you trust this young man to cook all the meat for your neighborhood party?

Grandson Nathaniel didn’t change his pose when I stalked him with the camera. 88 more words

How it is: Chapter 2

“Where are we with the beignets?” A dark skinned young woman, sporting a blue-denim apron looked over towards the pastry section of her kitchen. “Chef, they’re on their way.” A slim Asian girl with pale skin and long dark hair, tied in a ponytail replied. 1,946 more words

Story Series


“There’s nothing worse than a feeling of being lost.”

-Chef Daniel Boulud

These are such important words from a chef and restaurateur whom many consider one of the worlds finest at his craft. 1,536 more words

The Asshole and His Horse

attempting to run through the flames

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t beat a dead horse. The horse has already experienced the thing people fear most, no not public speaking, I mean death, and by beating it further, you only make yourself look like an asshole. 656 more words