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Blurring The Line Between The Built & Unbuilt

Blurring The Line Between The Built & Unbuilt

Thomas Grove



This transparent and diaphanous installation attempts to make manifest the intangible allure of an ephemeral concept that draws people from all around the world to our shores ever year. 2,140 more words


A Language of Accuracy

A Language of Accuracy

Alberto Manzi


The project considers the contemporary crisis in the housing sector of Sweden caused by the extremely high prices of real estate. 1,073 more words


Logos & Wallpapers

You might have noticed I have two different watermark designs, and I just want to share a tiny bit on that. One of which is a signature-name watermark I use mainly on photographs and the other is a logo I use more for art. 170 more words


Crystal Series

by Aw Jeanice

Y for Yield. To know when to be unyielding and when to yield.

E for Expectations. To manage expectations of myself and of others. 77 more words


Taito Essentials: Super Qix

Super Qix is an immensely irritating follow-up to an immensely irritating game.

And, like all the really¬†good¬†immensely irritating games of the world, there’s a magic ingredient in there that keeps you coming back for more. 1,001 more words



In late 2016, as I started my new job, I bought a set of calligraphy oblique pen holder and nibs with my first salary. Then began my journey in hand lettering and lettering as an artform. 381 more words


Jenny Saville - Drawings


Jenny Saville (1970 – ) – Drawings

In response to my Assignment One tutor report, it was suggested that I look at Jenny Saville’s pencil and charcoal studies. 764 more words

Investigating Drawing - Drawing 2