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27 September 2016

I will not admit to using anyone in particular as models for these inveterate chantey singers

Daily Drawing

A Hairy Bean with Dreadlocks

I’ve not blogged for a while. This is mainly due to starting¬†a new teaching job, which I am very much enjoying but is taking a fair bit of my time. 401 more words

Creative Process

#DailyFlashChallenge update 

In you didn’t see the edit to my previous post I’m posting it here.

“Edit: after the first few days doing a full A3 sheet a daybI realised it is now way near enough time to draw everything to a level I am happy with so I am editing the challenge, instead of doing a full A3 sheet I’ll just be working through designs at my own pace, so that could be colouring in pre-drawn designs or drawing new 0nes, I will be posting before and after sh0ts to show what has been done each day and will still be call #DailyFlashChallenge.” 498 more words


Debate drawings...

Drawing during the debate last night…. drawing direct, no erasing.
It is a challenge to draw and take notes at the same time! I continue to work at it… 34 more words

From A Sketchbook

If it's green...

Here’s a black and white green cartoon done quite a few years ago for the English Tourist Board. I think vegetarian food has come along a bit since I did this, but I do remember that any cooked food then that had ‘vegetarian’ in front of it , generally looked brown. 49 more words

27th September 2016

That kid again. iPad finger drawing, brushes xp


Anyone can draw!

So I decided I draw something using only single straight lines and circles. This is just one of many ideas I had for those that swear they can’t draw. 17 more words