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Clare and Isabel #2

Watercolour, gouache, glue and lead pencil on paper. 2003.

©Máximo Aláez 2017.


Daily Drawing: Nicki Minaj

This that new style / With the fresh type of flow



24 January 1998, 7:48 pm
at Mother’s watching Lawrence Welk on PBS

From A Sketchbook

Beautiful Vegans #6; Serena Williams

Would you ever ask Serena Williams where she gets her protein? Thought not.

Kath Walker Illustration


Thinking of Jack McGrath, SM (1935 – 2015) a day after his date of birth…

…drawing page with watercolor experiment and notes from 22 January 1998,
abz sketchbook journal 60

From A Sketchbook

16th January 2017

Girl with book. IPad finger drawing, brushes xp