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non-dominant hand drawing 06/22/2015

On one hand I benefit from people in their own worlds because that means I can draw them without inhibition, but on the other hand, sometimes I think of how lonely people seem, even in a crowded train. 18 more words


Creative Value Adding

OMG hope you don’t vandalize hotel art…I know it’s not good. .but it serves a purpose. ..as all art does. …  A friend asked on Facebook. 400 more words

Imke Rust

non-dominant hand drawing 06/17/2015

i can’t remember anything about this day. I must’ve done my routine: work, dance, but that’s about it. Maybe I was also contemplating on an unfinished companion.


Dreamy Angel

Medium: Pencil colors on drawing paper.

created while I was waiting for my turn at the doctor. Weird place, I know.

I was a landscape in your dream

I’ve got lots of photos of Denmark and Sweden to post later, and also some photos of a DIY Space for London fundraiser, but first here is a drawing I did in my lunch break at work a little while ago. 84 more words

Art And Design

Coffee Mug graffiti

So you know how i love doodling…all I need is my marker and paper surface :)
A friend asked if I could jazz up his office Coffee Mug..I was like- is that even a question? 23 more words