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Drawn March 29, 2010 :: Ink on Paper :: Four sheets of 11″ x 17″ taped together


It's a sort of revolution.

I’m re-blogging this from some time ago as we are in the season of celebrity books and here in Nam ( Cheltenham ) we’ve just had the what people call the ‘lit fest’. 347 more words

Dialogue Studio: Narrative Mapping

I found Tuesday’s lesson surprisingly difficult, we had to draw the emotion that we saw in these images of people that we had brought in. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around it, usually I love abstract thinking/drawing, but this was challenging I think because I was drawing something I was quite sure on. 164 more words

Persona: Map Of Me

Three Ladies and a Horse

There was a second compenent to the first schedule in Nicolaides’ book, The Natural Way to Draw and that was the exercise of drawing “gestures.” He explained a picture’s “gesture” as an element in the drawing which conveys movement or energy. 347 more words


Pancake tosser...

It’s not often you get a pancake tosser on the front of a magazine, but this one made it. I quite like the art director’s note  in the top right not to lose the pancakes at the top when placing. 86 more words

Line Flow

I wasn’t moved to use drawing as a creative outlet, until I started experimenting with line drawings. Over the course of the next two years, I was naturally inclined to work on the line from what you see here to gradually more complex drawings. 129 more words


Inktober part two

Here is a new line drawing I did for inktober and myself. I wanted something I don’t normally do so here is the pigninja as I call him. 74 more words