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Phaistos Discuits

via Phaistos Discuits!

This is amazing you may want to try cooking them.

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Sound delicious! I wish I knew how to cook biscuits. But I can always learn how! They would be a hoot for friends trying them. They would have a hard time figuring out what the symbols on the cookies were, unless they knew me well. ha ha! Richard

Argentée, can you see her? ... and sound asleep

Argentée, can you see her? … and sound asleep

I suppose that by now some of you tire of seeing photos of Argentée outdoors, but I never do. 24 more words


Cambridge Aegean Archaeology Group conference

Yet another announcement of an event I’m speaking at…but this time it’s a two-day conference with 30 other people also taking part! The Cambridge Aegean Archaeology Group… 196 more words


Seminar: Learning to spell in Linear B

I’ll be travelling to Exeter next week to give a seminar in the Department of Classics and Ancient History there – the title is “Learning to spell in Linear B: evidence for scribal training in Mycenaean Pylos” and it will be at 3pm on Wednesday May 30th. 158 more words