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3 Successful Examples of Circular Thinking at Work

When companies place their employees on the top of their priority list, profits follow. These three companies demonstrate how a business culture based on the circular traits of relationships, humanity, happiness, and openness can deliver the linear measurements of success owners seek (profits, bottom line, etc.). 64 more words

Can you escape herd behavior?

There are many people who think the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. 544 more words



I am struck by the idea that everything oscillates, and that all stasis is  an illusion.

We have an impulse to strive for stasis. Even that impulse oscillates as we grow weary of our day to day activities. 485 more words

Adapting the Snowflake Method

Yesterday, I wrote a brief post about the Snowflake Method and how it compares with what I do now. I had some interesting responses (I’ll get to those comments as soon as I can), mostly not in favour of this method. 494 more words


Medical school grads think straight

“A new intern fresh out of medical school is the ultimate linear thought machine. In medical school, students are taught that symptom equals possible disease. A equals B. 361 more words


What if we're not all meant to think straight?

Are we all meant to think straight?

This question came to me this morning while I was trying to have 15 minutes of still and quiet time. 708 more words

Miriam Miles

Life with Literal People, Pt. 1

I mulled this over for months — what to say and how to give voice to what many of us experience if we are literal, serious people. 736 more words

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