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Medical school grads think straight

“A new intern fresh out of medical school is the ultimate linear thought machine. In medical school, students are taught that symptom equals possible disease. A equals B. 361 more words


What if we're not all meant to think straight?

Are we all meant to think straight?

This question came to me this morning while I was trying to have 15 minutes of still and quiet time. 708 more words

Miriam Miles

Life with Literal People, Pt. 1

I mulled this over for months — what to say and how to give voice to what many of us experience if we are literal, serious people. 736 more words

Queen Life Musings

Ben Bernanke: Buy One Suit, Get Three Free

Linear thinking is dangerous

Linear thinking is dangerous. It is the easiest form of reasoning, lying on the path of least resistance. The simpler the path, the more readily people will march along it. 1,880 more words


Do Not Wait For The Golden Moment

To begin answering the question, “What would Steinbeck do,” I turn to his well-known six tips for writers. These have been published in a number of places, including more than one website. 510 more words

the linear thinker... or not?

I was told last week that I can be linear in my thinking, tactless and unsubtle.

This was whilst I was listening to the fallout of a member of staff, and a friend, who had left suddenly without notice leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. 353 more words

Push Button, Receive Bacon.

It’s too good to be true, but there is a seductive feeling. Imagine if it worked.

Do this, get that is everywhere though. Think this – get success, eat this – get thin, buy this – belong here. 67 more words

Systems Thinking