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The Unstable: Part 2

         What I was never really hit me until I arrived at the academy. Despite my parents pride, they quickly shuttled me through the back entrance. Large groups of tall, uniformed students passed us by, like we didn’t exist. 184 more words

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The Very Best of the Far East



The Ryukyu Islands are home to Japan’s most thriving music scene. 3,584 more words

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A Circle of Friends: Reconciliation

It was 15 years since Sasha had told Victoria that they had to terminate their friendship. Victoria was saddened and tried to move on with her life. 735 more words

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El Proyecto de Viaje en el Tiempo: Part 2

The Boss’ perspective: My name is May Takeda. My parents collaborated with representatives all over the world to record the rise of renewable resources and the fall of the fossil fuel empire. 434 more words

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Diary of A Dreamer Part 5

Anxiousness that’s all there is too feel. If it wasn’t for school it wouldn’t be as bad. That’s where the major anxiety comes in. Teachers try and make it seem like a paper and grade doesn’t define you. 344 more words

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Thank You for the Thank You, and so much more: 'Southern Gravity,' the debut solo album from Kristian Bush is available NOW!

Ever since I was a little kid, there’s always been something so special about going to a record store, finding that album you’ve been waiting for, removing the plastic and flipping through the liner notes during that very first listen. 176 more words


National Novel Writing Month Doesn’t End in November!

For those of you that missed National Novel Writing Month which was in November, nanowrimo is offering what is called Camp NaNoWriMo.  Although it is not an actual camp with physical campgrounds as everything is done online, it is still a great way to get some writing done.   200 more words