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The Most Mysterious Thing: part 4

“First things first, introductions, to jog our memory.” the man said. “I’m the Doctor, I’m over 1,000 years old and this is my time machine.”                             He let this information sink in while he pushed buttons and pulled levers on the machine console.                                                                                                           223 more words

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Diary of a Dreamer Part 8

Two fears haunt me. One is the fear of not making it, never figuring it out and getting anywhere. The other fear is what if it does happen and it becomes too much I can’t handle it. 161 more words

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Tesseract Dreams

I fall through the floor into an alternate universe

That world has all my dreams and nightmares

Which is markedly different from my static future… 862 more words

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LINER NOTES: It Was A Fucked Up Night


I hurt all over, but I hurt the most right on my forehead. This might have something to do with Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham smacking me in the noggin with his microphone, before affectionately rubbing it as if his touch could heal anything. 614 more words



In these songs all artists are breaking out of some shell and letting go of baggage and extra weight they’ve been carrying. Whether it is anger, sadness, or just the past they’re all trying to get there emotions out through music. 202 more words

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Beyond the Cities In the Sky: 5056 (Part 2)

I woke up, surrounded by several sets of large glassy eyes. “Who are you? Where’s my offender? What did you do to him?” 198 more words

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Release Roundup 013

A chit chat about the week’s new releases in real time. Newest entries are at the top; scroll down to the beginning.

Rocky (Tuesday, 8:15 am PST):  176 more words

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