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Multiply Numbers By Drawing Lines

Published on May 9, 2014

Some people say this is “how the Japanese multiply.” Others say this is “Vedic Math.” I’m not sure of the origin, but this is a visual way to multiply two numbers and it does work. 103 more words



Alluring as they might be in the female form, in the frame of a vehicle, in the design of everyday products, we cannot deny the irresistible existence of the curve. 203 more words


It’s interesting what connects people…I met architect Rikke Jorgenson through a friend in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and we talked about my fieldwork in Rwanda and got to talking about lines and space and light. 149 more words



By Righthand

Trampled upon
Her lips was painted red,
No lipstick can be this thick!
She wants freedom.

He seized her by the neck… 48 more words


New on 500px : Slough Scene by clementstevens by clementstevens

Makes you wonder what went on here. It seems to be an old abandoned dock that had something to do with the Padilla Bay and it’s surroundings. 48 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage


Legend tells us of the mad emperor who claimed to have conquered the sea.
Everyone knows that this is folly.
I shall love her all the same. 182 more words