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#2 Article as Freelancer

All the Poke Lovers, get into some facts and figure about your game. Please like and comment if you appreciate it.

Pokemon Go


Morning sun

The weather this morning was glorious so I took advntage and snapped lots of shots!

This one of the windowsill I’ve been trying to get for a while but for some reason it never seemed to come out right. 14 more words

CHANGE….an escape to the spilt in HER!!

Change, a necessary mandate for every being,

in every aspect of their time and living.

HUMANS of all strata and understanding have known and faced it. 573 more words



Seeing that the whole hype around Pokemon Go is so BIG I cant help but laugh, as a kid I remember how we used to go out and collect all these cards and tazos of it and just to end up hearing the teacher saying its from the devil and all haha… 77 more words


Exercise 1 Experimenting with expressive lines and marks....best therapy ever!

A more difficult task than I first anticipated, we were briefed to section 4 A1 sheet of paper into 4 sections each and write down an emotion on each sheet, calm, anger, happy and a chosen feeling. 1,282 more words

Project 1

little bird


Said the little bird: but, I’m afraid…

 here, offered the wind, let me carry your wings