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A Poem A Day

GCAA’s high school creative writing classes just held their first poetry slams. We got a chance to not only read, but hear each other’s work read in our own voices, and support each other publicly with specific, constructive feedback. 226 more words


me & you

Frankly speaking, I picked up this book from a bookstore sometime back in June because I saw the movie trailer. I told myself to read before watching (as always, the books have been better right.) When I finally started reading, I didn’t fancy it really, because it tend to be slow in the middle. 269 more words


Collaboration #2: With another Writer

A poem based on the very theme i.e writing with another person without having to meet and greet that person. With Time Traveler

Poetic Collaboration… 303 more words


Shadowy Existence

This is one of those rare images where I have re-visited a location to take further photographs. I was not happy with the first attempt. Thankfully was back in the city a year later, and actually remembered where the building was!


Circles and lines

These are the images that i researched to help with inspiration for the final five. They were all resourced from Flickr. I liked that, for most of them, the circles and lines were natural and didn’t completely take over each image. 67 more words