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Linework NW This Sunday

Hey Portland! I’m making a hometown appearance at Linework NW this weekend. This fantastic indie comics and illustration festival boasts a unique format with two completely different sets of exhibitors Saturday and Sunday… 161 more words


Art Underground April Edition.

Here are the pictures I drew during Art Underground’s one year anniversary on April 10th! A marvellous night with a packed house and the most wonderful music and art. 122 more words

Palms and roses

Practising with Illustrator again as it’s something that for a while now I’ve been meaning to get to grips with a little more. I really enjoyed working on this and adding colour to it, it probably could have done with a bit of shading, but for now I’m happy with it.


Charmed roses

Some more dot work that i’ve been working on and then edited in Photoshop. I’m still not great when it comes to using Photoshop and have a lot to learn, but am starting to get the hang of shading etc.


Dotwork mouse

I’ve been getting back into dot work lately and this is the end product of a late night sketch from a couple of weeks ago. I sketched out quite a realistic drawing using pencil to begin with and then went over it in a more simplified style using fine liner pens.