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I love this little Koala I tattooed for Alyssa back in Ottawa at The Ink Spot…

My books for Toronto are now open!



[Linework] Knowledge Center!

Knowledge Center!

Linework for the first artwork of the year! Metalhead looking up more information for his travels!



Page 31

Some more of that abstract type stuff I’ve been working on lately. I don’t do drugs, ┬ábut this was definitely inspired by less trip art

Page 30

I’ve recently developed an interest in hair and cosmetology. I don’t have any makeup to experiment with at the moment, so I’m doing stuff like this until I buy myself some.

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This is just a pile of leaves I drew while at church.

Page 25

I was trying for a more abstract style here. I finished it in digital, and it turned out really well.(digital below)