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Dishonour on your butthole

Oh god how the hell am I going to fit everything I feel about this one movie in a few readable paragraphs?

To start off, I don’t see a problem with a girl who basically saves her dad’s ass by taking his place in the Chinese army, which apparently only consists of a dozen men because that’s all you ever see at one time in this movie. 642 more words

Scene 211 - Misertus



I hadn’t slept since I first woke in the toy box.

How long had that been? Weeks? Months? Hours? I had no way of knowing. 2,029 more words


Heather Burning

In all directions plumes of smoke can be seen on the moors on a good day at this time of the year. The gamekeepers are burning the heather. 143 more words


Ling/Haddock with Creamed Peas, Leeks and Bacon - Hix

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve not had time to browse through recipe books for new recipes but I really wanted to cook something a little more sophisticated tonight. 503 more words