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Day 12: Playing around Reykjavík

After nearly two weeks of constant exploration and hundreds of kilometers of travel, we opted to explore the quiet corners of downtown Reykjavík. The first interesting thing we came across was this kitty. 912 more words


A classic Lakeland view. Derwentwater from Walla Crag. Keswick on the right, Lake Bassenthwaite in the distance. And in the foreground, following on from last weeks’s posting… 9 more words

Lake District

Chung Ling Soo - 1910 Magic Poster

Chung Ling Soo – 1910 Magic Poster
Chung Ling Soo Magic Poster – 1910 – Poster shows an image of the magician on a pallette with brushes and 3 smoke puffs. 8 more words


Scene 276 - Naves



My name is Nephorthees. Once the flagship of the Via-na starfleet, the death of a thousand galaxies. Later, I was an assassin, slipping through the dark places between stars to end emperors and kings. 2,414 more words


Scene 275 - Iter



“Well, you’re on your own now,” Nephorthees said. “See ya.”

“Wait!” I grabbed her by the arm before she could teleport away. “That’s it? 2,670 more words


Master Xi Qi Ling | What Chinese Tradition Can Teach Us About Success

The eastern philosophies that affect the school headed by Master Xi Qi Ling offer a valuable counterbalance to our western ones. In our individualistic culture we frequently forget that in order for our lives to work optimally we have to consider how they can harmonize with the greater whole. 69 more words

Scene 272 - Lapos



Nephorthees peered at the piece of paper in her hand. “S-Saharon—”

“Sharon,” I read. “It says Sharon Carter.”

She looked a little embarrassed, but covered it quickly. 2,322 more words