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Scene 250 - Restituo



Eight years ago

I rubbed at the spot where my horns used to be. “This still feels weird.”

Aka Manah’s daughter, a pretty girl my age named Riya, poked at my head, giggling. 1,728 more words


View of me 2015

Time was certainly not slowing down in 2015 as our age creep along. One of the realisation this year was that we are not only cultivating for our own sake, but also for the sake of others. 145 more words


Cha Ca (Ling Fillets marinated with dill and tumeric)

Serves 6

According to Google translate, ‘kinh ngạc’ is amazing in Vietnamese and I do hope it is because this dish is a-mazing.

It’s got it all. 270 more words


Scene 246 - Reformatur



Eight Years Ago

I bowed awkwardly before the throne. “Greetings, Noble Aka Manah. I am Ling Yu, formerly of the succubi.” I had practiced the lines a hundred times in the mirror. 2,563 more words