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Scene 294 - Cimeterium




The world was pain.

Needles and spikes and tearing razors and things I didn’t have names for. Every second my flesh felt like it was about to slough off my bones, because that was exactly what was going to happen. 1,137 more words


The Hour Glass Singapore MD quits

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Wong Mei Ling has quit as the Singapore managing director of The Hour Glass after more than 7 years with the retailer of luxury watches. 76 more words

Money Matters


Ling inhaled the best he could and coughed out the blood that the action brought into his lungs. “Jin?”

The push he felt against the side of his face wasn’t Jin’s hand, but the side of the dragon’s face. 120 more words


Photo: Vice President Navinfo Ho Ling

Beijing NavInfo Ling Ho, Vice President of Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Sponsored by the CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., « 2009 7th Annual Meeting of Chinese consumer electronics market, » will be held March 5 in Beijing. 13 more words

The last fight

He saw the danger in the distance. There was no time to get the others, to help them that way. Ling knew the only thing he could do was head straight into it himself. 221 more words


侍霊演武 将星乱(ソウルバスター) 第8話 08 (HD) - [Soul Buster] Shi Ling Yanwu 08 09 10

侍霊演武 将星乱(ソウルバスター) 第8話 08 (HD) – Shi Ling Yanwu 08 09 10