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LFL Bench Clearing Brawl Starts After Player Drinks Draft Beer - WATCH!

Here I had no idea the LFL was back for the 2016 season and things are already off to a fiery start thanks to a draft beer, some pushing and shoving and coaches who can’t control their ladies. 127 more words

Lingerie Football League

Photos: Female league called 'Lingerie Football League' launched in the U.K- a tournament that will see the players running around in their bras & knickers

When Sepp Blatter urged women footballers to wear tighter shirts and skimpier shorts to make the female game more attractive, his words were viewed as the ramblings of an old man who has lost touch with the world. 482 more words

This Crazy Lingerie Football Play Would Be Impressive At Any Level

On Saturday, Ole Miss and Alabama gave us one of the most unbelievable plays of the last few years, a botched snap turned lucky carom for a touchdown. 165 more words


The Legends Football League: Sport or Sexploitation

I was channel surfing this morning after work and came across an LFL (Legends Football League) game on FUSE. I decided to check it out and was surprised by what I saw. 491 more words


Now We Have A Lingerie Football Team Drinking Martinis After Touchdown

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Just a couple weeks after we had a Lingerie Football League player chugging a beer in the middle of the field, we now have the Seattle Mist celebrating a touchdown by drinking martinis. 89 more words


Duty Calls and Other News

-Call of Duty gets the Beast Mode treatment(to.com)

-Oh Russell, the way you make me feel, knocks me off my feet(to.com)

-I think this football is more entertaining than the CFL(youtube.com) 32 more words

Other News

Watch This Lingerie Football Player Go Flying Into The Crowd In Spectacular Fashion

She’s No. 19 in your program, but No. 1 in your hearts!

Seattle Mist’s Bryn Renda couldn’t haul in this touchdown catch but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. 59 more words