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Shopping for Bras

Here are some more pictures I found on the web of a variety of bra stores.  How I would love to spend time in each of them!


Contrasting Lingerie Departments

A few days ago I visited two very different stores and was able to browse and take some pictures in their lingerie departments. Sorry- many of the pictures are pretty fuzzy- I need to work on my stealth photo technique. 85 more words


Bra and Lingerie Stores

I love shopping for bras and lingerie and do so every opportunity I have. Previous posts show some of the stores I have visited.  I don’t always feel comfortable taking pictures in the store however but fortunately there are many nice pictures of lingerie stores on the web.   20 more words


Best Products Offered By Le Bustiere Boutique

Did the boutique you last visited report that your bra size is out of stock? Well, you should try Le Bustiere boutique. This boutique offers a wide range of bras and you will always find your right fitting bra and any other type of lingerie you wish to have. 254 more words

Japanese Bras

I have never been to Japan and probably never will but I really love the bras, many with lots of frills, bows, ruffles, etc.  Here are some pictures I found on the web showing Japanese (or other asian) bras and bra stores:


More shopping and my new bralette

A couple days after visting the lingerie store shown in the previous post, I stopped at another store.  It was closed when I first went, so I took some pictures through the front window: 101 more words


Lovely Lingerie Store

On the trip referred to in my previous post I stopped to visit a lingerie store in the upper level of a historic building of a historic town. 51 more words