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In Other Matters...

Sad to say I will not be attending this year’s Homeschool Conference. I know there will be a lot of interesting topics, and I know it will be fun fun fun but sadly, I just can’t make it. 254 more words

Week's Recap Part 2: Linggo ng Wika

I realized that my son rarely understands Filipino. I would ask him “Pakikuha yung upuan” and he would give me a baffled look. If I ask him “Please get the chair”, he would oblige. 121 more words


"Linggo ng Wika" celebration, the Montessorian way.

On August 29, 2014, the Montessorians gathered together in the covered court wearing their own-made printed shirts. The beautiful designs created by the talented Montessorians depicted the love for their country, Philippines. 173 more words

Linggo ng Wika 2014

Annually, schools celebrate Linggo ng Wika – a tribute to our nationalĀ language – Filipino and other local dialects across the country. Students perform to show a bit of patriotism to say the least. 39 more words

Parenting 101



Bakit ngayo’y aking mga salita sayo ay tila banyaga

Nalimot mo na bang bigkasin ang matatamis na talata

Wari ko’y nilimot mo na rin maging tinig ng isang makata… 182 more words

Kwento Ko...kwento Nila... Kwento Natin

How I Made Nikki's Buwan ng Wika Costume


Many people have been PMing me about Nikki’s Linggo ng Wika costume. Ā It’s the one I made for him last 2012. Here’s what it looked like on him: 456 more words

Our Linggo ng Wika Costumes

Because of the fine weather we were having the past few days, we made it to Museo Pambata! Yay! It was a lot of fun for the boys especially Enzo because he was less than a year old the last time we went there. 60 more words