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Beetroot, balsamic and mozzarella linguine

Beetroot, balsamic and mozzarella linguine: If you are a lover of pickled beetroot then this recipe is for you. Using fresh beetroot twinned with balsamic vinegar really picks this plate up. 156 more words


Lemon Linguine

Not low fat — but oh so good!!!

1 lb of linguine
1 egg yolk *
1/3 c heavy cream
1/4c grated Parmesan cheese
1 lemon – zest and juice… 155 more words


Fresh Wholegrain Pasta with Green Vegetables

Doesn’t a dish with bright green vegetables always look fresh and tasty? After I had some broccoli leftover from the tartlets, I had to figure something out, because I hate throwing food away ;) After some meditation in front of my fridge and the spice cabinet, this is what I came up with. 280 more words


Sweet potato leaf linguine

Sweet potato leaf linguine: When it’s early July, the sweet potato leaves are growing at The Farm at Rockledge Gardens. These are a new ingredient for us so last year we thought we would create a recipe that incorporated them. 172 more words


Mc Gilvery's Pub & Eatery 3009 High School Road.

Today was a day of adventure. Well, maybe not adventure exactly. The joint we were going to have lunch at changed their hours without updating their web site. 439 more words

Taverns And Stuff

Claypot Spicy Seafood Arabiatta

The Arab is away in Kelantan today. Too bad, I decided to have some home-cooked Linguine Spicy Seafood Arabiatta. He is still working on commercializing his water filtration machine that transforms dirty water to clean potable water for the Orang Kampungs. 489 more words


Homemade pasta

Some may argue that the fact that you can go and buy hundreds of varieties of pasta off the shelf in any supermarket, is motivation enough to not bother getting flour everywhere and getting your hands dirty to make your own. 853 more words