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Linguistics and "the smell test"

In the last few days, the President of the United States fired the sitting Director of the FBI, who was in the middle of an active investigation against him. 711 more words

Linguistic Anthropology

The "natural meanings" of words

A few days ago, Tennessee passed a law requiring words to have their “natural and ordinary meaning.”

From a linguistic perspective, this is bunk. 935 more words

Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic anthropology: Language as a non-neutral medium by Alessandro Duranti

In this chapter I focus on
three essential properties of language that are usually assumed by linguistic
anthropologists: (1) language is a code for representing experience, (2) language…

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Hedges in Mathematics Talk: Linguistic Pointers to Uncertainty by Tim Rowland

The first major type of hedge – a SHIElID – is identifiable as a fuzzy
prelude,s uch as I thinkt hat. The essential characteristico f a Shield is that…

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Linguistic Anthropology by Stanton Wortham

The basic question facing both participants in and analysts of verbal interaction
is: What does a given sign or utterance communicate about the events
being described and enacted (Garfinkel & Sacks, 1970; Silverstein, 1992; Erickson,

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