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The Word: Rhetorics of Resistance in Westworld and The Handmaid's Tale

By Emma Louise Backe

Dolores Abernathy—titular host in HBO’s Westworld series—spends most of the second season with a gun on her hip and a constellation of blood spattering her white blouse and porcelain skin. 4,311 more words

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Further Readings on Language Justice

Looking to become more familiar with language justice issues?  The following is a master list of literary resources, scholarly and otherwise, compiled by Lee Abraham… 829 more words

Readings on Linguistic Diversity and Biodiversity

On November 8th, 2017, the Global Language Justice Reading Group delved into the scholarly work of Suzanne Romaine. A linguistic anthropologist, Romaine has pioneered work establishing a link between biodiversity and linguistic diversity.   847 more words

A Different English

I just submitted my second research paper on Singlish this morning! This one focussed less on language & identity, and more on code-switching and code-meshing, for my Linguistic Anthropology class. 1,268 more words

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The One Root of All Australia's Indigenous Languages

The linguistic journal Diachronica published a study by Mark Harvey of University of Newcastle and Robert Mailhammer from Western Sydney University.  Their paper addresses the linguistic diversity of Australian languages. 149 more words


Breaking Down Sranan Tongo To Understand Linguistic & Cultural Heritage

Creole languages are unique. They are a hodgepodge of languages which arise in situations where people exist without a shared common language. People end up using bits of different languages. 288 more words


The Yamnaya Horsemen & Root of Proto-Indo-European Language

Proto-Indo-European or PIE is the term coined for a ancestral language to the group of languages from Europe and parts of Asia, like English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian and Persian. 444 more words