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Frege's Contradiction

In philosophy and mathematics, the use of words and linguistic expressions is equivalent to the use of the tongue in the process of producing a coherent utterance: neither philosophy nor speech would be possible without those respective features. 1,442 more words


The ridiculously complicated tale behind the origin of the word “turkey”

Why are turkeys called “turkeys?” It’s a question you might find yourself pondering this week if you’re one of the 88% of Americans who will be sitting down to a plate of roast turkey this Thanksgiving. 594 more words

Harriet Shaw, Sales and Marketing Executive, Mackie's

Harriet Shaw, MA (Hons) English Language & Linguistics (2015)

Sales and Marketing, Mackie’s Crisps, Taypack

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Sales & Marketing Executive at Mackie’s at Taypack – looking after all Marketing for our product range of Mackie’s crisps & popcorn. 762 more words


SCRABBLE, ANYONE? #54: "Cool Four Letter Words That Begin With Y + Z"


YAFF:  to bark

YAGI:  a type of short-wave antenna

YALD/YAULD:  vigorous

YARS:  NOT LISTED as yarS (YAR + YARE or: nimble)

YAUD/YAULD:  an old mare… 248 more words