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The meaning of knot homology

What I left out of my post on knot homology was, perhaps, the elevator pitch (if you’re in an elevator with a mathematician who already has some background). 708 more words

Link Homology

A hunka hunka burnin' knot homology

One of the conundra of mathematics in the age of the internet is when to start talking about your results. Do you wait until a convenient chance to talk at a conference? 722 more words

Category Theory

New Journal: Quantum Topology

The European Math Society Publishing House (a non-profit publishing company which also publishes the Journal of the EMS, CMH, and half a dozen other journals) just announced a new journal: … 45 more words


More slides

My tendency to write slideshows instead of actual posts continues. If you like to see oodles of subtle variations on the same talk, you can see… 144 more words


Interpreting the Hecke Algebra II: the sheafification

A while back, David wrote a post describing how to produce the Hecke algebra, and I described in comments (very tersely) how David’s description can be categorified. 1,086 more words

Algebraic Geometry

Symplectic duality slides

I’ve been too lazy to write in detail about the progress in my research (well, I am writing six papers and applying to jobs, so it isn’t entirely due to laziness), but I did recently speak in the symplectic seminar at MIT, and have posted the… 279 more words

Algebraic Geometry