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Pokémon Go updates: Everything you need to know

There’s a new Pokemon Go update. Here’s what you need to know!

Pokémon Go updates aren’t common, but they are a big deal. Here’s what you need to know about each major one! 893 more words


Why aren’t people freaking out about glasses that watch everything you do, all the time?

Evan Spiegel wants to record your memories, and everyone seems fine with that.

What if you had the ability to record everything you see, so you can see it again later, whenever you want? 444 more words


Want to feel better about life? This super-viral father-daughter video might work

It’s sentimental, but so what?

With this awful election cycle, the seemingly endless bad news across this country and the world, and a just a general icky feeling all over the place these days, it’s probably no surprise that this very inspirational video of an exchange between a father and daughter has only gained in popularity since it was posted on Ron Altson’s Destined for Greatness Health and Wellness Facebook page. 47 more words


Hiroshi Lockheimer is on the Pixel hype train

OK, we get it. As the SVP of Android, Chrome and Google Play Lockheimer should be amped about the things to come. We’d go as far as saying that’s his job. 232 more words


Two million Twitter followers? Whatever. Fox Sports 1’s Skip Bayless just ignores the internet.

“I’m actually proud of the fact that I don’t think about it.”

Skip Bayless, the longtime ESPN anchor who is now co-hosting “Undisputed” on Fox Sports 1, has more than two million Twitter followers — and he has followed zero people back. 240 more words


MrMobile Retro Review: Looking back at the Nokia N-Gage

In 2003, Nokia declared war on Nintendo with the N-Gage, a Game Boy Advance lookalike with a Series 60 mobile phone inside. The conflict – to put it mildly – did not go in Nokia’s favor. 215 more words


Soohoo: "At the end of the day, Dot & Bo just failed"

The millennial focused online furniture retailer wiped out $20 million in funding

In what I can only describe as a refreshingly honest interview this morning, Dot & Bo CEO Anthony Boohoo said that the reason the San Francisco millennial-aimed online furniture retail closed is because it simply did not work as a business. 713 more words