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Gods, Love, Meaning, and Interconnectedness

Column: What Do They Mean?.

When something means something else, or when someone means some thing, we are stating that there’s a correspondence between one thing and another thing.

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BBS fresco on ISIS in Sri Lanka

Monks have got a great respect among all Sri Lankan communities. We all respect them and the majority of monks are very good people. They do not like to harm anyone even an insect. 1,165 more words


Read A Romance Month starts today

Go to Read a Romance Month for your chance to read three essays each day by popular romance authors.  They are also giving away a ton of books.  15 more words


Mutton Dum Biriyani

Bisma Tirmizi

I sat in the January cold of Michigan craving biryani, the painful realisation that my migration from Pakistan had taken me away from most desi delights. 1,075 more words


OIC Strongly Condemns Arson Attack on Palestinian Child by Extremist Settlers

The General Secretariat of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned in the strongest terms the horrendous crime by extremist settlers who attacked and burned a house in Nablus, in the West Bank, leading to the burning to death of a Palestinian child, Ali Dawabsheh, and the severe wounding of his family. 236 more words


포르노 배우로 전락한 걸 그룹

Link URL: http://bit.ly/1JD6FIz

아주 직설적인… 읽어볼만한 글. 스텔라가 제대로 평가 받을날이 빨리 오길 바란다.

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