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Melkor vs Link

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Melkor is a powerful being to be sure, but he doesn’t have the guts and determination that Link possesses. Link has saved the world many times over the years and he’s typically had to do it on his own. 60 more words


Downton Abby Takes on the Sorting Hat

The cast of Downton Abby are sorting themselves into their respective Hogwarts Houses. Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall) of course sorts herself into Gryffindor, but what of the others? 34 more words

Clothesline Hymns

Merchbro: Your Link to Some Cool Custom Gear

Call it kismet, serendipity or maybe it’s just some good karma working its way through the universe – I’ll take it. Amusingly enough, I’ve been talking to a few people over the past few months who want to get a bunch of T-shirts and other clothing printed, some using my art, some using theirs. 185 more words


The Imperfect Document cover art

I have uploaded the cover art for The Imperfect Document to a new gallery on Behance:


(You’ll also be able to look at the drafts I decided not to use.)

(26 February 2015)
The Imperfect Document

Kalki and the End of the Kali Yuga from the Mahabharata

Selections from the Mahabharata, Book 3, Section CLXXXIX:

“Thus addressed, that foremost of Munis began his discourse again, delighting that tiger of the Vrishni race and the sons of Pandu as well.

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What is an Author, Exactly?

This article was written by a person who believes that only authors who have published with a professional/vanity press should be worthy of the title: http://goodereader.com/blog/commentary/self-publishers-should-not-be-called-authors… 452 more words