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Linkblogging For 24/7/15

Apologies for having a couple of days off from blogging — I was at a funeral on Wednesday and that left me so drained I ended up going to bed at 6:30PM yesterday. 105 more words

Linkblogging For 18/7/15

I’ll have this week’s podcasts done tomorrow, along with a Batpost, but tonight I’m working on the Where Are They Now? bit of California Dreaming, so you get links. 221 more words

Linkblogging For 30/6/15

You *will* get the Batpost tomorrow, but this heatwave has completely messed my ability to think up, and I’m having to get up early and write in the morning before work, before everything heats up, rather than at 10PM when I normally write. 150 more words

Linkblogging For 26/6/15

First, congratulations to the US. Still a long way to go for full LGBT+ equality, but it’s a major step.

I’ve not posted for a couple of days because I’ve been working on exclusive material for the book version of California Dreaming, which should be out next month. 216 more words

Linkblogging For 02/06/15

I’ll be posting my review of the Beach Boys shows tomorrow — I accidentally hit “post” on an unfinished draft just a minute ago, which some of you may have seen before I hid it, but it should be about twice as long when I’ve finished it. 111 more words

Linkblogging For 26/05/15

I’m still slogging my way through the “best” novellas of John C Wright, World’s Greatest Living Author (according to the Rabid Puppies), and I’m losing the will to live. 141 more words

Linkblogging For 16/05/15

Posting will be intermittent here for a couple more weeks. I’ve been a little blocked for the last month or so (yes, I know, I wrote a ten thousand word ebook in three days last week — I expected to write that in one day, and would have done had I been at full writing ability). 253 more words