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Linkblogging For 19/11/15

Proper post tomorrow, but I’ve been absolutely exhausted over the last few days. So here are some linky things instead.

The first ever adaptation of 1984 — … 146 more words

Linkblogging for 2/11/15

I was going to post a review of 2001 (yes, the Kubrick one. Yes, I have a reason) today, but my open tabs have reached a critical mass, so I’m going to dump them on you all and do the proper post tomorrow. 196 more words


Linkblogging for 24/10/15

The gay porn film written by John Gielgud. I assume that the line about it starring “Nigel Havers, Julian Clary, Barry Cryer” is a joke… 55 more words

Linkblogging For 22/10/15

Just links today, as I’m feeling very ill (had to leave work at lunchtime, which never normally happens)

Myths Retold on courtly love and Nice Guys. 121 more words

Linkblogging For 11/10/15

OK, so I’ve had a week off after completing California Dreaming — the paper formatting will take another week or so, but the book itself is done and all backers should have an ebook copy at the moment — and so I’m planning to get back to blogging every (or at least most) day(s). 266 more words


I am so pleased you loved Mad Max Fury Road

On this quiet bank holiday weekend I’m resharing this link manually as I’m a bit too dumb to figure out how to directly share it from Tumblr. 55 more words

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Linkblogging For 7/8/15

Sorry for the lack of new posts this week — I’ve been rather worried about my health, and unwell. I’m planning to write all weekend and get a few days ahead for a change… 65 more words