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Linkblogging For 02/03/15

OK, no, I’m not really going to keep the clickbait headlines up.
No proper post tonight, because I’ve spent my writing time working on a thing Simon Bucher-Jones asked me to do. 172 more words

Linkblogging For 20/2/15

Just links today, I’m afraid…

I don’t normally link to the other Mindless Ones here — I’m not sure why, it feels like nepotism or something, even though it’s a fantastic site — but since all the Big Serious Important Comic Sites seem to be ignoring Brett Ewins’ death, all the more reason to link to… 310 more words

Linkblogging For 12/2/15

A visit to the sleep clinic at an ungodly hour this morning means I didn’t get any sleep, so you get links today…

The state of whole-brain emulation in 2015… 149 more words

Linkblogging for 8/2/15

Sorry for the comparative silence for a few days. I had a migraine that lasted longer than most do, and that’s mucked up my brain chemistry enough that I’m not thinking straight (made a real idiot of myself on Twitter earlier, for example). 139 more words

Linkblogging For 31/1/15

Even though I had twelve hours’ sleep last night, I’m *still* too exhausted to think after two weeks with no real sleep at all, so you get links today. 111 more words