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Episode 262: I've No Pinterest In Tweeting on Linkedin! Maybe Facebook Is More My Style!

I try to use Social Networks

To talk about my blog

But being tech-illiterate

I’d have more luck plaiting fog!

Linked in is more like locked out… 67 more words


Devise Gem in rails and their use.

Add devise gem

1.Open up your Gemfile and add this line

gem ‘devise’
and run

bundle install
to install the gem. Also remember to restart the Rails server. 450 more words


Implement calender in a rails app by using gem (simple_calender)

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is designed to do one thing really really well: render a calendar. It lets you render a calendar of any size. Maybe you want a day view, a 4 day agenda, a week view, a month view, or a 6 week calendar. 337 more words


Install a Secure GUI on Ubuntu- phpMyAdmin (MySql Database)

phpMyAdmin is an free web software to work with MySQL on the web—it provides a convenient visual front end to the MySQL capabilities.
Setup… 650 more words


Online Community Networks

I previously did a post that featured Seven Tech Savvy Women who’ve created some TERRIFIC VENTURES.

This is the addition to that post which contains a list of online community networks that are filled with tons of Information, Motivation, and Resources for women seeking to connect with like-minded individuals who can help steer you in the right direction to fulfill your personal or professional goals. 294 more words


Are You Being Too Agreeable?

Sep 4, 2013
by Michael Wheeler

But even when people are operating in good faith, some things simply may not be negotiable. Overpaying or undercharging doesn’t make sense in a specific transaction, and it can lead counterparts to have unrealistic expectations in future negotiations.