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events.js:72 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^ Error: watch ENOSPC in Angular-2

It was a big issue with my app,

My application was getting closed explicitly after running

I was totally puzzled

Error was as-


throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event ^ … 133 more words


Install aptana in Ubuntu machine and open existing project

Install aptana in ubuntu machine.
1). Downloaded the standalone(64 bit version) version.

by using this we can download the aptana,

2). Extracted the folder from the zip file. 103 more words


Being an All Star on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social-networking site. It’s got hundreds of millions of members and it’s particularly designed to connect people within the business community. 387 more words

Social Media Tools and Suggestions

Here are a couple of ideas on some stuff you can do during your job search.

  1. Paperli.com: If you use social media, especially Twitter, you can create a newspaper that will find jobs on social media sites.
  2. 190 more words

A Quick Intro to MongoDB in Rails

Can bee see here too

By Internet standards, MongoDB is a venerable NoSQL database. First introduced in 2009, it was designed as a scalable document storage engine. 1,067 more words