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Linked list is a collection of nodes storing data and links to other nodes. They are versatile and simple data storage structure. Linked list is often used to eliminate the problems that appear in arrays.  497 more words

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Java Linked List Basic

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The LinkedList class extends AbstractSequentialList and implements the List interface. It provides a linked-list data structure.


Class LinkedList<E>
       java.lang.Object… 318 more words

Linked List

Linked List in C

Linked List is a data structure which consists of nodes. Nodes makes the list, Nodes are also called as Elements.
Each node is made up of two parts, i.e. 408 more words

Linked List

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  1. Size is fixed

Since the size is fixed, you need to know the upper limit of an array. Otherwise you will either encounter “Index Out of Bounds Exception” or get access to the wrong elements (in case for C) or encounter “Segmentation fault”. 65 more words

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