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Brushing up C part 6-binary trees

In continuation of my previous blog, Brushing up C, data structures, we’ll be taking up Binary Trees .

1. Terminology

  • Tree: A non-linear, hierarchical structure is called a tree.
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Brushing up C part 5-data structure

In my previous blog brushing up C part 4 , we discussed common uses of pointers. We’ll be taking up a few data structures in this blog. 648 more words


Delete Node in a LinkedList

Linked List


If we want to delete the given node directly, we need to know the previous node. Obviously, we cannot get such information. Thus we copy the value of the next node to the current node and delete the next node. 34 more words

Linked List

Determine Where the Cycle Begins

Given a linked list, return the node where the cycle begins. If there is no cycle, return null.


  • Constant space complexity
 * Definition for singly-linked list. 114 more words

Convert a Linked List to a BST

Input: A linked list of integer values
Output: A balanced binary search tree (BST) in O(n) time.


  • Single-linked list of sorted, unique values
  • No space complexity requirements…
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Kth to last

Find the kth to last element of a singly linked list.