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Singly Linked List—Python

Many of my programming students get asked to implement Linked Lists as a way to learn about data structures in programming. Now I am going to be very honest about this topic when it comes to Python. 3,405 more words


Algoritma dan Struktur Data

Kali ini kita akan bahas tentang hubungan algoritma dan struktur data. Pada saat algoritma dijalankan, maka data (input/output) akan disimpan dalam suatu tempat (struktur data) untuk kemudian diproses. 1,029 more words

Ilmu Komputer

Notes on Lock Free Programming (Part 1)

With the advent of multi-core architectures, it is becoming increasingly important to build scalable data structures that support the basic operations (insert, search) without taking coarse grained locks. 2,080 more words

Data Structures

Remove duplicates from a linked List in C#

Problem source: HackerRank -More Linked Lists

You have a linked list that has n Nodes and their data is in ascending order. A Node object has an integer data field, data, and a Node instance pointer, , pointing to another node (i.e.: the next node in a list). 214 more words


Programming Reflections Mar 9

1. Create binary search tree from sorted array or linked list: It cannot access element via index in linked list as array, it uses direction to next node. 74 more words

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Algorithms & Data Structures Day #2

Sorry for taking the time, I know I said I’ll post a day-after-day guide to algorithms and data structures but you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been ill. 818 more words