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LinkedIn launches Elevate for companies to empower staff

LinkedIn has launched a new product, called Elevate, that promises to empower employees and let companies reap the benefits.

Elevate is open by invitation only at present, having been tested by a number of well known companies including Adobe and Unilver. 403 more words

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LinkedIn Influence and Get More Business

Recommending this excellent training for LinkedIn users.

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LinkedIn supports the theory of it's who you know, not what you know...

LinkedIn has published data to suggest that the old adage of “It’s who you know, not what you know.” is as true as ever.

They’ve looked at connections on the social network and assessed how companies recruited from them.  230 more words

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Is JP Morgan telling staff to amend LinkedIn profiles?

LinkedIn is often seen as a portal through which recruiters seek to fill positions.  Whilst this might be an annoyance to some employers, there are rumours online that it is proving more than that to JP Morgan, the multi-national banking and financial services group. 234 more words

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LinkedIn members and co-worker profiles

LinkedIn have blogged to say that 30% of members view their co-worker profiles.  We’re not convinced that is a surprise.  Isn’t it natural that curiosity will kick-in and you’ll look at the profiles of those you work with? 187 more words

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LinkedIn and Google (and others) plan offices

Mountain View in California is already the centre of the technology world for many companies.  Now, it could be about to get a lot busier. 234 more words

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LinkedIn launches Arabic language version

LinkedIn has announced the launch of an Arabic version of its platform to serve 14 million members in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 169 more words

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