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The difference between Facebook & LinkedIn

After seeing umpteen selfies and bikini-clad women vying for attention on LinkedIn, I decided to educate the lesser informed of us who have yet to figure out the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn. 414 more words

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How to find prospective customers with LinkedIn

Every business wants to generate new leads for their business and LinkedIn is now one of their favorite sources to find new prospective customers and boost their profits. 533 more words

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Seven tips to create, manage and promote your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is truly a professional networking website that provide users a complete professional platform. It is not like other social networking sites, where you use your profile for personal networking. 548 more words

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The five best lead generation with LinkedIn

I always say to my students in workshops that at the end of the day in social media matters the number of leads you acquired for your business. 586 more words

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Why LinkedIn is absolutely essential for small businesses

In 2016 I would say that Linkedin will become the go-to place for any business wanting to drive more  B2B sales. Both small businesses and corporations are looking for ways to market better on Linkedin. 601 more words

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LuKas at Work LinkedIn Training Session

Getting a job can be hard work, even if you have a wealth of experience. Starting out on the career ladder can be even harder. There are so many different ways to attract the attention of a future employer that sometimes it pays to do more than have a brilliant CV! 62 more words

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