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The Journey That Was 2017, Pt. 1

The Journey that was 2017, Part 1

Much time has been spent debating whether or not I would ever publicly tell this story and if I did, could I make it reasonably interesting? 586 more words

Making Inspirational Progress

Here’s a quick question: “Have you wished you could develop your talents and skills to the best of your abilities?” I’d like to think most of us have. 765 more words


The 50 Most Popular Companies With U.S. Job-Seekers

(Source: www.forbes.com)

These days everyone is a job seeker. Whether in a position for five years or five month, everybody is on the lookout for something better and the companies with the most visibility and the greatest reputations for offering fantastic employment experiences – like Google – are on the top of most everyone’s list. 630 more words

Money Matters

The value of little beginnings

James 4:1-4, where do all the quarrels among you come from? why the quarrels between you? Your desires for something and you don’t get, there is hunger because you don’t get. 618 more words

Every Social Class

Tom Keyes Gives Me the Keys to Success

I recently emailed Tom about creating a mobile piece and whether or not he has had any experience or advice. Unfortunately he has not had any experience, but still gave advice based of other multimedia experience he has had in the past, such as, drawing the audience in with a catchy opening, maintaining their attention throughout the short clip whilst at the same time ensuring you deliver the required message. 90 more words