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Why Write?

A recent chat with a friend on the subject of writing made me dive deep. The question raised in the discussion was, why am I inclined towards writing at all. 734 more words


How to Use a Red Herring to Get What You Want

Conceal your intentions in order to receive what you want.

You want something. However, there is a superior of some sort withholding that item of desire from you. 439 more words

Body Language

7/3 Update.

I tried to get my FSCJ account set up to go to college for computer science. I need to re admit an application to sign up for classes. 258 more words

Steven Neal

social media roulette 

Remember me? I’ve quickly discovered how hard it is to find topics to discuss on here, hence the delay. Apologies loyal followers (if you’re out there)!!! 430 more words

Rogue Adviser Says, Get Out There!: Creating a Web Presence You Can Live With

Despite the fact that we use the Internet every day, many scholars are wary of establishing a web presence. It’s becoming increasingly necessary. The great thing is that all of us can do it! 845 more words


Top 10 UK Universities for getting into a career in Investment Banking...from the Telegraph

Top 10 UK Universities for getting into a career in Investment Banking

Based on data from LinkedIn the Telegraph ran an interesting story on the Top 10 UK universities to launch yourself into a career in investment banking.   40 more words

Applying To University In The UK