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Accessing GNU Linker Script Symbols from C/C++

With the GNU compiler and linker I can place variables into custom sections (see “Defining Variables at Absolute Addresses with gcc“). This article is about how to get the section start and end address so I can for example access that range in my code. 492 more words


Premier League review (Week one)

Bored of the Olympics? Bored of my blogs about the Olympics? For a change in scenery, here is the first in a sporadic series of blogs about the Premier League season. 976 more words


How program is born?

this article is gonna be hands-on building an embedded program using AVR Studio 4.
I’ll start with a slightly sneaky but educational example. Suppose we have this project which contains main.c 1,843 more words

C Programming

Read PE header in C#


The code in this article talks about how to read multiple information in PE header, machine, no of sections, check for bit ( 32 or 64) etc.. 18 more words


The Unpredictability of float data type : Explained

Ever wondered why one of the C data types is called float ?Because in some cases it literally floats nearby expected values.For example :-when you do multiple operations between two relatively small and large values of float. 486 more words


Robin Linker aboard the Dandelion, 1978

This is how I remember my cousin Robin Rowe Linker, who died at the beginning of this year (2016). I only ever met him a couple of times, and the only actual memory I have of meeting him was around the time this photo was taken, give or take a few years. 1,066 more words