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ng-init function works in directive's controller than in link function

I came across this when i am writing custom directives for my app.I am trying to fire a function using ng-init in the following way in directive template. 76 more words

Four Fleagle grandchildren, so far...

My cousin Nancy came to town a couple weeks ago with a number of her immediate family members to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of her mother, my Aunt Vivian, seen here as a babe in arms. 404 more words


Coffin sisters visit University of Nebraska, 1942

My paternal grandmother was Jennie Viola (Coffin) Fleagle. She and her sisters Luella, Grace and Nelle and their brothers Robert, Horace and Ralph were the children of Margaret Foster and Joseph Russell Coffin, a man we always refer to as Pawnee Joe.ยน Pawnee Joe was descended from that same bunch of Coffins who settled on Nantucket with the Macys and the Starbucks and the Colemans (his mother was a Coleman) and the Gardners, and whose name echoes in the 1851 novel… 1,288 more words


Miriam Linker with Frisell cousins

No date or location is given for this photo of my Aunt Miriam with her cousins, but I would say it dates from around 1960 or so, given that the little boy here, Robert Benjamin Frisell, was born in 1953. 110 more words


Fleagles at the Green House

I don’t know what the Green House is, but apparently my Aunt Miriam gave it as the location of one of these two pictures. Cousin Mardi and I were sitting with her writing whatever information Mim could remember on the backs of a pile of photographs when I visited in October 2014. 294 more words


Miriam Fleagle with sister-in-law and mother

By the time I came along, my Uncle Jim (James Lincoln Fleagle) had already married Aunt Evelyn, and to me they seemed an immutable familial unit without beginning, as all families appear to the very young. 307 more words


Linker: Virtual Tabletop

On my personal opinion, this is possibly one of the best sites ever, you can play practically any game or system on rollD20 and the fact that it was kickstarter funded shows that a lot of people where the same view… 18 more words