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Premier League review (Week one)

Bored of the Olympics? Bored of my blogs about the Olympics? For a change in scenery, here is the first in a sporadic series of blogs about the Premier League season. 976 more words


How program is born?

this article is gonna be hands-on building an embedded program using AVR Studio 4.
I’ll start with a slightly sneaky but educational example. Suppose we have this project which contains main.c , delay.c and delay.h: 1,840 more words

C Programming

Read PE header in C#


The code in this article talks about how to read multiple information in PE header, machine, no of sections, check for bit ( 32 or 64) etc.. 18 more words


The Unpredictability of float data type : Explained

Ever wondered why one of the C data types is called float ?Because in some cases it literally floats nearby expected values.For example :-when you do multiple operations between two relatively small and large values of float. 486 more words


Robin Linker aboard the Dandelion, 1978

This is how I remember my cousin Robin Rowe Linker, who died at the beginning of this year (2016). I only ever met him a couple of times, and the only actual memory I have of meeting him was around the time this photo was taken, give or take a few years. 1,066 more words


Shifting Sands Part II

Ross Douthat posted another fantastic column in the NYT that tracks nicely with last post’s theme of the shifting view of law, morality and ethics with the Catholic Church in the United States.  934 more words