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Gone on Vacation

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Hi Fresh Manna readers!
My daughter and her family who are missionaries to Peru, are home visiting us and so we’ll be vacationing with them this week. 172 more words


Project Blue Book

When we hear the name project Blue Book you immediately think UFOs, Aliens, and government cover-up. Well you are correct. That is what Project Blue Book was. 348 more words

Commercial Break #81

Images from Tumblr.

Last week was quite something, saw two movies, watched an entire television season, sprained my ankle and finished two books. I like the addition of the sprained ankle to my health history, because I’m not much of a sporty person so I’ve never had any proper physical injuries. 1,364 more words


Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (30)

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AI, Robotics, And The Future Of Precision Agriculture

DeepMind’s AI is teaching itself parkour, and the results are adorable

UK regulator looking to use A.I., machine-learning to enforce financial compliance… 104 more words


No Wasted Ink Writer's Links

Mondays are the fun days here at No Wasted Ink.  It is the day I share the articles on the internet that interest me and I hope will also interest those of you who write too!   126 more words


Mini-Smorgasbord Monday: School Choice, Nuance, and Opioids

Choice is no guarantee of quality

“…a remark by a DeVos spokesperson last week — ‘the ultimate accountability for schools is whether or not parents choose to send their children there’ — should be seen as an attack on the idea that school quality matters.

771 more words