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Linux ACPI support for ARM-v8

Earlier this month, Linaro announced their effort to upstream the Linux patches to enable ACPI on ARMv8. It appears the patch may make it in Linux 4.1, but it is not done yet. 354 more words

Blankee and Me :)

As long as I can remember, my blanket and I have been famous friends!  As I grew, so did my blanket.  Blankets make the best of friends!  50 more words

Quick post about Linus and his Baby

I stumbled upon this series of YouTube videos a few years ago and recall not being able to stop watching; I was utterly entralled. Not because it’s a cute baby and a cute dog, but I think perhaps because of the essence of realism that was present, the good filming (not shake, etc), made it an ease to watch. 122 more words

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La nueva prueba de Selectividad vía @diariolaopinion

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Este es el texto acerca de las nuevas pruebas de Selectividad publicado en “La Opinión” de Murcia y fechado el 15 de abril de 2015. 813 more words


Belfast Craft Show

I spent Thursday at the Belfast Craft Show at the King’s Hall. I have been there several times before and always look forward to it as a day out and place to get new ideas. 262 more words