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What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system that is loosely based on Unix, which is a mainframe computer operating system developed by AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in the early 1960’s. 714 more words


Album Alert: King Syed - As The Smoke Clears

Chicago artist King Syed (formerly Syed The Great) drops off his latest album, As The Smoke Clears, produced entirely by Linus. The 3-track EP is short but sweet to match the summertime vibes right now. Check it out.

The Fictional Spectrum: Linus Van Pelt (Peanuts)

“I love mankind. It’s people I can’t stand!”

As many of you know from my other two articles about Peanuts, it’s one of my all-time favorite comic strips.  398 more words


Phoebe and Linus Pictures

One thing we were a little worried about was how Linus would react to Phoebe. Fortunately he continues to show caring and love to all creatures except squirrels. 157 more words

Phoebe Photo

Could a church worship service be a bad thing?

Did you have a security blanket as a kid?  Maybe it was a special stuffed animal or a pacifier.  Or did you suck your thumb? 441 more words

Bernie and the Blanket

Last night while watching TV, Lorin and I heard what sounded like someone snoring. First, I thought it was the sleeping character in the show we were watching ( 264 more words


Welcome to Project Linus of Lee County, Alabama

This is the site where we will have detailed information about events we are hosting and serving opportunities in our area.  Eventually, you will be able to request a blanket for a child in need through this site, as well.   13 more words