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Hardly anyone phones me up.

This is NOT a plea for anyone to call me on the telephone.  I am horrible on the telephone.  Without physical conversation cues, I’m all flustered with silences, weird pauses, speaking over each other, dropping the phone and then explaining how the phone dropped, wandering mind, etc… 788 more words

Living on My Own

Sometimes I feel I’m gonna break down and cry
Nowhere to go nothing to do with my time
I get lonely so lonely living on my own… 248 more words

Linus- Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Linus– the tent dwelling wildman who lives north of Pelican Town, he’s aloof and wary of strangers, with good reason. If you talk to him he tells you that his tent has been destroyed before… aww love him! 113 more words


Track : Saint Iago - Summer

I just found another hidden gem, or actually I’ve found two while stumbling upon the Brooklyn based Hip-Hop duo Saint Lago, who are making a solid appearance today with the release of their new single ‘Summer.’ 18 more words


This is what it is all about...

Last week, we had the opportunity to deliver blankets to two different homes that house children in transitional situations.  The first was a home for older girls, high school age, and the second was providing shelter to some kiddos 8 years and under.   69 more words


Linus, Loveys, and the Art of Letting Go

Most of my friends are married, and most of them happen to have children. Which means, when they want to go out with their significant other, they call the unattached friend who’s only engagement is to drop off one of many library books. 359 more words