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How to Block Porn Sites on all Web browsers & Network Devices

In the past i mentioned OpenDNS for blocking explicit sites. Visit this link and follow the instructions to block porn sites.https://www.wintips.org/block-porn-sites-in-web-browsers-and-network-devices/ .

Bookmark this site for future reference on windows tips. https://www.wintips.org


/dev/tcp forgotten linux delicacy

Most of use nmap , ping ,ping ,wget curl , nc …. when need use or diagnose network from linux command line.
I want show you how  to use bash for fast diagnostic , scanning ,send or download files, open websites , check services and create simple backdoor. 623 more words


Simple tutorial run MYSQL with Docker

Install docker dulu

Run gini aja:

#docker run -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=arif -p 3306:3306 –name mysql -itd mysql

-e : Environtment
-p : port
-itd : interactive, tty, detach 90 more words


Connect to serial console from Linux command line

The easiest way to connect to a serial console from Linux command line is using the screen command. In my example below, I will show you how to connect to a serial console of a server using the serial to usb cable. 8 more words

Server Administration

ARP request

ARP requests are never forwarded to reach the end host in IP-routed networks. [original post]

“There will never be an ARP request from “the internet” asking about the address for one of your hosts. 178 more words


Speed test WAN(RX) with nice char

I created a lite more beauty version speed test tool for analysing RX speed of you network.

It’s simple idea  curl get website and measue  speed   . 61 more words


Arch Linux crypto installation

After live cd is loaded you need to setup network connection. For ethernet follow the next steps:

ip link set eth0 up #set interface up
ip addr add broadcast dev eth0 #set ip address
ip route add default via #set gateway
582 more words