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How to make your Cinnamon panels transparent

So, if you are like me, you probably like tinkering around a bit with your desktop and themes. Having a transparent or partially transparent panel for aesthetics has been requested multiple times from fans of the Cinnamon Desktop Environment. 627 more words


Trace python script

Python script can be traced as below in command line.

python -m trace --trace 'your_script.py'


Joining or Merging PDF Files

Joining or merging a PDF file may sound easy, and it is. However, sometimes we would like to keep or preserve each file orientation when joining multiple PDFs with different size. 63 more words


Subterfuge ile MITM saldırısı

Man in the Middle (MITM) nedir?

Man in the middle saldırısı 

Man in the middle saldırıları, saldırganın hedefindeki bilgisayarla ile diğer bilgisayar veya bilgisayarların ağdaki tüm veri trafiğini kendi üzerine alması yoluyla yaptığı saldırı tipidir. 751 more words


Myo en Linux, 2da parte

Ya que me he dado cuenta de que en ocasiones se quedan cortos los gestos que puede detectar la API, decidí incluir dentro del programa el soporte para los datos del giroscopio que contiene Myo. 48 more words


Hack a Facebook Account On XAMPP/WAMP

Hack a Facebook Account on XAMPP or WAMP.Today we will try to do that in our local environment by using XAMPP or WAMP server. The purpose of this tutorial is sometimes we want to make sure the setting was correct in local, so when we upload to real server it will works as we’ve already try in local. 597 more words


Installing Xubuntu 14.04

Installing Xubuntu 14.04

What you will need to make a live USB

1.) Internet connection

2.)  USB drive with at least 2GB free.


1.) Go to  311 more words