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Relay access denied when using SMTP to external recipients - How to solve it in Ubuntu 14.04 ?

Host Details

relayhost: Pub IP address
Error: Relay access denied @client-host

1st Try: Send Email from Command Line Telnet

ubuntu@client-host:~$ telnet stmp-host 25…

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RaspArch Build 161205 :: Run Arch Linux on your Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 2 computer

This version (161205) is my fourth build of RaspArch
The first version is from 150414. The second is from 151107. The third is from… 375 more words


Quick vsftp install and configuration

This is the simple method for install and have a basic configuration for log into the ftp server with the local users of the system: 27 more words


HPOM (xpl-394) semget operation failed.

Creating directories under OvDataDir
Directory creation under OvDataDir completed.
Creating configuration files.
Updating XPL configuration.
(xpl-394) semget operation failed.
(RTL-28) No space left on device…

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Create a NIC bond


Create a ifcfg-bond0 config file (user your IP address in the place of IPADDR)

# vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond0

DEVICE=bond0I… 176 more words


VirtualBox - Resize a CentOS Virtual Drive

Recently I created a CentOS VM using VirtualBox for some development work I was doing, but foolishly I set the virtual disk to the default size of 8 gigs, figuring it would be easy to resize it later. 321 more words