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Run your Ubuntu/Debian 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 4.8.0-rc8!

I have compiled yet another Ubuntu/Debian kernel for 64 bit systems. This time kernel 4.8.0-18-exton, equivalent to Kernel.org’s latest kernel 4.8.0-rc8 released 160926.

What’s new in Linux kernel 4.8? 41 more words


UXMON:bond1.1504 is down - Network Bonding Interface is alarming that is down but it is active in the system

Node : linux.setaoffice.com
Node Type : Intel/AMD x64(HTTPS)
Severity : critical
OM Server Time: 2016-09-27 18:35:55
Message : UXMON:bond1.1504 is down
Msg Group : OS…

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Openvswitch Module

If you’re getting kernel module installation errors, probably the module is not compiled for the current kernel or its dependencies are not loaded.

# insmod datapath/linux/openvswitch.ko… 86 more words

(Torren & VPN) && || ipleak ,protect yourself

This is simple script for protect yourself when you vpn connection fails.

Idea for script is simple kill torrent client when vpn not work . 165 more words


Samba share without permission. Directory showing as d---------

Server is mounting network share being exported using CIFS

root@linux:~ # df -hP /arq/avf/ROT_EFC
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
//$ 43G 40G 3.2G 93% /arq/avf/ROT_EFC…

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