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Configure OTRS to process multiple Tickets in email Subject

OTRS Help Desk is an open source application (with Enterprise support) that has a lot of useful features: ITSM, Surveys, Time Accounting and System monitoring… 747 more words


su: (to novlwww) root on /dev/console

Jul 21 12:14:48 linux init: Switching to runlevel: 6
Jul 21 12:14:49 linux kernel: bootsplash: status on console 0 changed to on
Jul 21 12:15:01 linux syslog-ng: Log statistics; dropped=’pipe(/dev/xconsole)=0′, dropped=’pipe(/dev/tty10)=0′, processed=’center(queued)=1287386′, processed=’center(received)=1287371′, processed=’destination(messages)=2824′, processed=’destination(mailinfo)=15′, processed=’destination(mailwarn)=0′, processed=’destination(localmessages)=0′, processed=’destination(mailerr)=0′, processed=’destination(newserr)=0′, processed=’destination(netmgm)=0′, processed=’destination(warn)=0′, processed=’destination(console)=0′, processed=’destination(null)=0′, processed=’destination(mail)=15′, processed=’destination(xconsole)=0′, processed=’destination(httpheaders)=63703′, processed=’destination(firewall)=0′, processed=’destination(agsmessages)=1220828′, processed=’destination(acpid)=1′, processed=’destination(soapmessages)=0′, processed=’destination(newscrit)=0′, processed=’destination(newsnotice)=0′, processed=’source(src)=1287371′

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Thanks to the efforts of myself and tukozaki, I was able to re-upload the e4rat-lite-git package to the AUR. This one circumvents all the issues previously had with having to manually build the e4rat package. 48 more words


What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system that is loosely based on Unix, which is a mainframe computer operating system developed by AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in the early 1960’s. 714 more words


Multipathed disk showing error message: Checksum error

Running pvs shows the error message Checksum error and the disk is not part of a volume group

root@linux:~ # pvs | grep NP0_trans_disk_002
/dev/mapper/NP0_trans_disk_002: Checksum error…

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NetIQ Remote Loader

SAP System ID: SMD
Logon Group:
SAP System id: 04
SAP User client number: 100
Logical System Name: SMDCLNT100
Authentication ID: IDM_CPIC
Authentication context: ascssmd.sap.valeglobal.net…

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Add a User and Grant Root Privileges on CentOS 6.5

Step 1: Add the User

adduser mynewuser

Set the password for the new user:

passwd mynewuser

Step 2: Grant Root Privileges to the User

visudo… 26 more words