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Systemd recipe for simple daemons

In the previous post we discussed about upstart job files.
In this post will do the same with Sytemd. 164 more words


Setting resolution of external monitors on Linux

Connecting my Fedora laptop to an external monitor by default limits the resolution of the external monitor. I know the monitor can do 1920×1080 vs 1024×768. 182 more words


Webex on CentOS 7 x86_64

If you work in an IT company, you heard about Cisco’s Webex. Webex is a platform you use for online meetings and conferences. They have various free and paid solutions for individual or companies. 640 more words


HTC hints at Half-life virtual reality video game

HTC’s chairwoman has said she “hopes” a Half-life video game will be one of the titles released for her company’s virtual-reality headset.

Cher Wang was speaking a day after HTC revealed it was working with games publisher Valve to put its VR helmet on sale before the end of the year. 46 more words


Fedora, LXDE, security updates notification sent to desktop

Recently wondered what would be useful notification method about new updates on the Fedora with LXDE desktop with . After a quick research I came with quite simple, but sufficient solution. 150 more words


Finding the biggest folders


 du -m | sort -n | tail -n 10

for finding the 10 biggest folders.
(repeat this step in the biggest folder again to find the “problem folders”)


Basic web directory permissions for Apache on Linux

Here’s where I’m currently at re: file permissions for web directories on Linux, based on having commissioned a few VPS accounts and ripping off this Serverfault post… 217 more words