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Enable password authentication on cloud images

The cloud images bundled by various linux distributions have password authentication disabled by default for security reasons. The only possible way to login to an instance launched using one of these images is by specifying a security key during boot and using the key to ssh. 353 more words


Getting to know Linux

Linux (/ˈlɪnəks/ lin-uks or, less frequently used, /ˈlaɪnəks/ lyn-uks) is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution. 378 more words


How Linux is Built

While Linux is running our phones, friend requests, tweets, financial trades, ATMs and more, most of us don’t know how it’s actually built. This short video takes you inside the process by which the largest collaborative development project in the history of computing is organized. 44 more words


Hadoop Installation Guide

Version 1 of Hadoop Installation Guide is out. Download the guide by clicking on the following link.

Linux Distribution


Linux adalah nama yang diberikan kepada sistem operasi komputer bertipe Unix. Linux merupakan salah satu contoh hasil pengembangan perangkat lunak bebas dan sumber terbuka utama. Seperti perangkat lunak bebas dan sumber terbuka lainnya pada umumnya, kode sumber Linux dapat dimodifikasi, digunakan dan didistribusikan kembali secara bebas oleh siapa saja. 215 more words


Application management

before UNIX
• 1960, Early computing
o Computers= Mainframe
o The idea of ​​innovation: Multi-programming and multi-user
o Create a multi-user OS and multi-program
• 1964, the Multics… 563 more words

Operating System

A bite of virtual linux networking

In this post we shall be discussing about various network components and their corresponding Linux virtual counterparts.


Switches basically provide the following functionality

  1. Mac learning…
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