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"......It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid............."

“……It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid………….”

Yeah right, no need to be afraid. No need at all unless of course you were one of those hardy souls braving Black Friday or more latterly going to shops in retail parks and town and city centres to buy your array of useless tat that you foist on sundry friends, relatives and acquaintances in this season to be jolly. 739 more words


An Evaluation of lightweight Linux Distributions for Virtualization, Servers and low-spec PC's:

Virtualizing is one way to evaluate an OS before installing it. It also facilitates sandboxing apps and scripts or doing Internet research that could compromise a production machine. 1,620 more words


Find the version of the Linux distribution installed in your system

This post is a note to myself since I have come across the need of verifying the version of the Linux distribution installed on my system several times till date. 215 more words


Installing LEMP stack using CentOS 6

This article is about how to install LEMP stack using CentOS 6. LEMP stands for Linux (E)Nginx(Pronounced as EngineX) MySQL P… 253 more words

Linux Distribution

A guy didn't have time for me, but Windows 10 did

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It feels herky-jerky like a preview version of an operating system, but the second time was the charm as Windows 10 is now up and running on this older, … 776 more words


Building official CentOS 6 image for Docker

For building the official CentOS docker image, we would need to download the necessary files from the following link:

CentOS 6 Official docker image build files 219 more words

Linux Distribution

Getting started with Docker on Debian Jessie

This is a quick start guide for installing docker on Debian 8(Jessie). Let us enable the required repositories for installing Docker. 307 more words

Linux Distribution