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ElementaryOS: An evaluation

I recently had to install Linux on my parents’ computer. They’ve been running Ubuntu with LXDE and were NOT happy with it. The desktop configuration kept breaking and sometimes, it wasn’t usable at all. 1,171 more words

Linux Distribution

If you’re a seasoned power user, you’ll likely find Elementary OS to be rather boring, closed off, and annoying. However, I have installed Elementary OS on machines of friends who are not very computer friendly, and they have had no problems for years now, without a single complaint. 26 more words


So, I’ve taken a look at a number if distributions so far, like Linux Mint, Manjaro and KDE Neon, but I figured I should show another distribution that I’d highly recommend for users who are new to GNU/Linux systems; Elementary OS… 12 more words


Linux operating systems have dominated all aspects of the computing operating systems but one. From servers to supercomputers and even on mobile and embedded devices with Android, Linux is either the only choice or the most popular amongst them. 12 more words


[Linux] Chakra Linux 2017 - Overview

I came across this OS long time ago, saw it while doing some random google search, I was drawn by its elegant UI design, but at the time it was still in development. 179 more words