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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS available

Last week (on April 21st) a new version of Ubuntu Linux OS was released. This time was not regarding another ‘six-months-period’ regular release, but a new… 581 more words

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Hurray !! New Slackware version is on the way

Slackware team has released the new development snapshot Release Candidate 2 of Slackware 14.2 on 23rd April 2016. And it seems like it will be the last RC version before the final release of the OS. 73 more words


How to make rhythmbox minimize in systray on Korora/Fedora

Rhythmbox is one of many music player and management that popular in Linux especially in Gnome environment. During its evolution, the development team decided to remove the ability to minimize the rhythmbox into systray. 311 more words

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How to install Netbeans 8.1 in Korora/Fedora

Netbeans is an IDE that can be use for write various program such as java application, HTML5/Javascript, PHP, and C/C++. The important requirement for being able to run Netbeans is jdk and the default jdk for netbeans according to its documentation is Oracle-jdk (see… 672 more words

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Installing Cordova CLI in Korora/Fedora

Cordova is a platform for creating a mobile applications using web technology (javascript, css, and html). By using cordova you can write the application once and then deploy it for more than one mobile platform (android, ios, windows mobile, blackberry,  etc.). 252 more words

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How to setup your Fedora/Korora for Android development environment

In mobile world, android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems. Android could be like now because of Google good strategy by providing the android development kit not for specific operating system. 486 more words

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How to activate 'hibernate' in Korora/Fedora

Hibernate or suspend to disk in computing can be known as powering down computer and retaining its state. In the hibernate state, the operating system save the contents of RAM into a hard disk or non-volatile things then power down the machine. 560 more words

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