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[Linux] Zorin OS (Part 2)

Moreover, users will not only have problems with technical stuff, some users will even have trouble using GUI (Graphical User Interface) with different or just slightly different looks. 475 more words


[Linux] Zorin OS (Part 1)

I just found this distribution when I was browsing the comment section of an article introducing the famous easy-to-use Arch distro “Manjaro”. Compared to the original Arch, it seems like a newbie-friendly distribution since it has GUI installation, desktop environment and preloaded applications; however, I read some people arguing about the complexity of Arch core itself. 141 more words


Building a Raspberry pi kiosk

One thing many people want to achieve with a Raspberry Pi is a functioning simple web kiosk. Combined with a touchscreen, it could potentially replace ATM machines. 1,227 more words

Linux Distribution

SemiCode OS - New Linux Distribution for Programmers and Web Developers


Already, the digital market is brimful with different types of Linux Distros. There are many, to name a few, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, TailsOS, PartedMagic OS and many more. 302 more words


[Antergos] How to add custom backgrounds to login screen (lightdm-webkit2-greeter)

In Antergos, everything is easy to operate, it is designed to be a ready-to-use operating system like Ubuntu, Windows and Mac; however, because of the login manager, … 199 more words


[Fix] Kali Linux: Installation Step Failed (installing the system)

Today when I was installing Kali Linux 2016.2 64bit version on my virtual machine on Vmware Workstation. Not long after the installation was fired up, the error  “Installation Step Failed (installing the system)” kept occurring. 53 more words


How to Install WordPress in Korora/Fedora

It has been a long time not write for this blog because I’m busy with my project and this is a documentation of what I have been done in the past few months to develop a website for a friend of mine. 787 more words

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