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Linux GRUB Security Vulnerability Swiftly Patched

Earlier this month a pair of security researchers within the Cybersecurity Group at Universitat Politècnica de València discovered an integer underflow (defined) vulnerability within the Linux GRUB bootloader ( 591 more words

Security Advice

Choose a grub to load between two linux installations


I am assuming that your system has installed two linux in different partition and both have a grub installed in it. In such a system the last installed linux’s grub is used to start the system. 434 more words

Default Grub


If you have problem in controlling the backlight if screen in ubuntu by hot keys, just follow the steps below and it fixes the problem. 57 more words

GRUB Error Fix and Rescue for Linux and Windows (XP/Vista/7/8): Grub Rescue While Partitioning a Drive, Reinstall GRUB and Restore Windows (XP/7/8) for the Message in GRUB “Unknown Filesystem”

To start with Reinstall the GRUB.

For this you need an UBUNTU live cd or UBUNTU image on a pendrive.

a. insert the cd or pendirive, restart the pc and select the boot unit as pedrive/cd… 287 more words


Changing Boot Order of Windows and Linux


If you have installed WIndows and Linux and you have GRUB as default Bootloader

then Read this post to know how to change boottime and bootorder. 167 more words


Make windows default boot OS alongside ubuntu OS

When installed ubuntu 11.10 in my laptop then grub boot loader default start ubuntu os. But i need change this way thats means i want boot default start my windows 7. 255 more words