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Compression of Linux Kernel git repository for specific version

As an Embedded Linux programmer you need to compile and port Linux on to the different embedded platforms. Every time downloading different version of the kernel source from the server is difficult. 125 more words


Does SMP work?

We all know that `cat /proc/cpuinfo` gives us how many CPU threads we have on a machine. But, how can we make sure that we have that many CPU thread? 339 more words

Linux Kernel

Centos/RHEL remove old kernels

too many kernels loaded?

find out how to have them removed from your Centos/RHEL/Fedora

Centos/RHEL remove old kernels


Linux Journal 2


PID (or Process Identification Value) – A unique numerical value for each process in order for it to be identified by the kernel. In the kernel source it is represented by the… 217 more words


Linux Journal 1


Process – a program in execution and its related resources. It includes things like open files, pending signals, memory mappings, etc. It also contains one or more… 745 more words


Linux Kernel

Today Linux is the most powerful OS in the world , Because of it’s transparency and secure infrastructure . Inorder to maintain this stability they have uploaded everything online for free. 274 more words

Open Source

Linux is Everywhere

Whether you know this or not, but Linux is everywhere. We use Linux everyday.

  • Over 850,000 android phones running Linux activate every single day,compare that to just 30,000 windows phone…
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