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Ubuntu 16.04 Kernel 커널 컴파일

Ubuntu 16.04 버전에서 Kernel 컴파일을 새로 진행 및 업데이트하기를 위해서는 다음과 같은 과정을 거쳐야 한다. 그 이전에 관련 ncurses-dev, libssl-dev 등이 설치가 되어 있어야 정상적으로 진행 할 수 있다. 19 more words

Yes, It's my glass of juice!

Hello people!

I am back with some more interesting stories of my journey with the Linux kernel and open source. I have like dozen drafts saved in my google doc for the blog posts but none of them find their place to be published here for one or other reason. 1,060 more words

Linux Kernel Version Timeline

I wanted to quickly look up Linux kernel release dates by version number.

All the info is on kernelnewbies.org . I’ve just copied it below… 291 more words

Linux Kernel

Introduction to Android

Android is an operating system which was build for mobile devices and tablets. It is a software stack comprising not only operating system but also middleware and key applications. 291 more words


Contributing to Linux Kernel

Into two weeks of the application period of Outreachy, I found out the best news.

I now have more than 150 patches accepted in the Linux Kernel. 292 more words


Advance Configure Power Interface

What is ACPI:

ACPI is Advance Configure Power Interface.  ACPI allows control of power management from within the operating system. The previous industry standard for power management, … 1,805 more words


Libumem in linux userland -Part 1

Libumem is a portable userland slab allocator. Originally available in Solaris operating system, it has been actively ported to other operating systems like OpenSolaris, Linux, Windows & particularly SmartOS. 720 more words