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Paging in Linux on x86 - part 2

Our last post left the story of paging in Linux on x86 incomplete. Today we will cover that. This is a vast topic whose tentacles go far and wide into almost all aspects of the kernel. 520 more words

80x86 segmentation & what Linux does with it


Address space segmentation basically means dividing all possible virtual addresses into groups – segments – and applying some properties on those segments, e.g. privilege level required to access them. 336 more words

Google has given approbation to LINUX Kernel Version in ANDRIOD 8

Google,which  is one of the best search engine known for it’s quality from decades and since then it’s bringing revolution in the technology by inventing new things everyday and it’s… 277 more words


Kernel Stack

About kernel stack, particular for Linux, below are some points excerpted from kernel doc and Keith Owens (LKML).



Setting up Kdump and Crash for ARM-32 – an Ongoing Saga

Author: Kaiwan N Billimoria, kaiwanTECH
Date: 13 July 2017

DUT (Device Under Test):
Hardware platform: Qemu-virtualized Versatile Express Cortex-A9.
Software platform: mainline linux kernel ver 4.9.1, kexec-tools, crash utility. 1,963 more words

Linux Kernel

In the earlier post I have explained how to add a kernel module as a new buildroot package. You can check that post here:
https://vivekbhadra.wordpress.com/2017/06/15/how-to-addcompile-a-kernel-module-as-a-new-buildroot-package/ 527 more words

Kernel Development

Article about 'perf annotate'

Just found out about Ravi’s article about ‘perf annotate’, concise yet covers most features, including cross-annotation, go read it!

Kernel Hacking