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[QuickPost] 3 big things in Linux 4.10

From InfoWorld:

Linux never sleeps. Linus Torvalds is already hard at work pulling together changes for the next version of the kernel (4.11). But with Linux 4.10 now out, three groups of changes are worth paying close attention to because they improve performance and enable feature sets that weren’t possible before on Linux.

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DMA Survival guide - Linux kernel


I recently gave a talk in KernelTLV Meetup.
The talk was uploaded to YouTube, so if you’re interested, go a head and watch it. 23 more words


Process of creating first patch

So this blog pretty much covers everything about the process and commands which I follow for the practical session of my Linux kernel first patch workshop. 484 more words

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Sending patches with git send-email

In this post I’m explaining how to send Linux kernel patches with git send-email using your gmail account. This is also useful for my Linux kernel workshops and generally for kernelnewbies as well. 363 more words

Linux Kernel

Handling the Hardware Cache and the TLB

  • Cache and Translation Lookup Buffers are two mechanisms that can help boost efficiency a lot due to the decrease in lookup time for the addresses…
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Kernel Page Tables

  • Kernel maintains a set of page tables for its own use
    • It is rooted at the “master kernel Page Global Directory”
  • The highest entries in the master kernel Page Global Directory are used as…
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Fix-Mapped Linear Addresses

  • Initial part of the 4th gigabyte is used to map to the same physical addresses as 0x00000000
  • At least 128mB is left for noncontiguous memory allocation and fix mapped linear addresses…
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