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Article about 'perf annotate'

Just found out about Ravi’s article about ‘perf annotate’, concise yet covers most features, including cross-annotation, go read it!

Kernel Hacking

Understanding kcov - play with -fsanitize-coverage=trace-pc from the user space

kcov is a kernel feature used to support syzkaller[1]. To provide the code coverage information from the kernel itself, the GCC compiler was patched to instrument the kernel image[2]. 953 more words


BCM 4331 patched for kernel 4.7.x

Do you want to share your ethernet connection through your WiFi (create a wifi hotspot)?

If so, you can take full advantage of your driver by downloading the broadcom driver, compiling and installing it: 91 more words

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Looking for users of new syscalls

Recently Linux got a new syscall to get extended information about files, a super ‘stat’, if you will, read more about it at LWN. 456 more words

Kernel Hacking

Getting backtraces from arbitrary places

Needs debuginfo, either in a package-debuginfo rpm or equivalent or by building with ‘cc -g’:

# perf probe -L icmp_rcv:52 | head -15

  52  	if (rt->rt_flags & (RTCF_BROADCAST | RTCF_MULTICAST)) {
      		 * RFC 1122: An ICMP_ECHO to broadcast MAY be
      		 *  silently ignored (we let user decide with a sysctl). 180 more words
Kernel Hacking