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Windows Vista reaches End Of Life

Windows Vista is in about 1 year End Of Live.

It might be a good idea to install a Linux distribution besides your Vista, so you can get used to it ;) 24 more words

Operating Systems

Nothing major about the new version of Lightworks 12.6 except maybe the native export to Vimeo, but it is quite nice to see advances to this really cool Professional Non-Linear Video Editor available for Linux along as for Windows and OS X. 34 more words


How to Choose the Right Linux Distribution For You

Linux is a great free alternative to Windows and Mac, but Linux gets a bum rap from those who have little computer experience. Years ago Linux was the goto for engineers, programmers, server administrators, and general techies. 1,135 more words


Linux Mint To Develop Their Own Apps

Looks like Clem and his team are about to get busy. Starting with version 18.x, X-Apps as they call them for now, are going to be the base apps of Linux Mint Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE. 278 more words


Amd hybrid graphics and Linux

Ok, ok, what I’m going to write here is not a “solution” for the problem I had (and maybe you have it you are reading this), but, ey!, it worked and now, I have again a functional laptop. 347 more words

Software And More

Linux Problem Fixed : Masalah "Unable to mount drive" Pada Multiboot

Masalah ini sering terjadi pada kita yang melakukan multiboot di perangkat yang kita miliki. Sistem operasi Microsoft Windows umumnya terinstall pada drive berformat “ntfs”, sedangkan Linux umumnya terinstall pada drive berformat “ext4” atau “ext3”. 238 more words


Linux Problem Fixed : Masalah "Permission Denied"

Masalah ini sering terjadi pada pengguna linux, terutama jika kita tidak login sebagai administrator / root ID. Masalah ini terjadi ketika kita ingin menyalin, menyimpan, atau memindahkan file ke dalam direktori File System. 92 more words