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Customize Theme Colors with Oomox

📅 August 22, 2016
Interested in customizing your Linux desktop theme colors to a fine degree? Try Oomox!

Oomox is a program that lets you adjust and create your GTK theme colors for your Linux desktop and save the result as a brand new theme set. 1,105 more words


LMDE2 MATE on a Netbook

I recently dug out my old Dell Inspiron 9 netbook and decided to get it loaded with an up-to-date OS. I don’t use this machine often due to it being old (it came with Ubuntu Hardy installed), slow, having a low resolution, and lacking a battery. 200 more words

Debian Based

Tech Trash

It happens just a few of you seem interested in my technology chatter, so I’ll dump out the latest news. While I do try to keep track of computer technology trends, there is just too much going on right now. 378 more words


Casual Distroreviews

Today in english again. In the last few weeks, I took a look at 17 different Linux distributions. Why? Because I had nothing else to do and thought it was interesting to see, how the different systems feel. 850 more words


Linux Mint 18 Upgrade on my Dual-booted Macbook Air, part 2.

Customizing and twiddling with Mint 18.

So, after getting a successful install of Mint 18 Cinnamon, I proceeded to twiddle with all the settings and software. 1,038 more words


Linux Mint 18, Cinnamon

The latest Linux Mint “Sarah” is a sleek and stable OS. It is a long-term support release which will be supported until 2021. Here are some of the new features that come with this release: 83 more words


Linux Mint 18 Upgrade on my Dual-booted Macbook Air - part 1

Part 1 – Resizing Mac Yosemite Partitions

Note: I am a casual nerd, savvy enough to experiment, google things and trouble shoot, but not a technical whiz by any stretch. 524 more words