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Fighting With Computers

When’s the last time you did battle with a computer? Some time ago, I’ll wager, as todays machines are so far beyond the crashing, unstable miseries of yesteryear as to be unrecognisable. 535 more words


LinuxMint - Heavens to Betsy

Recently, well not recently, more like a few weeks ago, there was a post about LinuxMint development concerning LMDE and its Mint distros.  The article can be found on Segfault here: http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2015/02/about-betsy/   I was surprised to find out that LMDE’s rolling release model was removed due to lack of interest.  519 more words


Instalando KVM en Linux Mint 17.1

Linux Mint, es una distribución bastante amigable y recordemos que también en un “Linux“, así que al grano…

Lo primero, saber si tu equipo puede virtualizar. 105 more words

Linux Mint 17.1 (Rebecca) cinnamon

Nowadays, I don’t use my personal desktop computer so much. However, when I use it, I expect it to be fast, reliable, secure, … and specially productive. 687 more words


A Bottle of WINE, a Bottle of Awesomeness!

One of the major concerns that beginner Linux users have is whether they will still be able to use their favorite Windows programs, especially games, despite not running Windows itself. 536 more words


Linux: Not perfect, Not MS windows, Not easy

I watch mainly Linux people on YouTube.  I have even played with the idea of starting a YouTube channel to do videos concerning Linux.  Recently, one person I watched has run up against the driver wall of Linux.  493 more words