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Why you should use Linux?

Linux distributions are generally small and powerful operating systems. The ability to customize your own operating system and choose from list of hundreds makes Linux suitable for almost all kinds of users. 696 more words


What is Linux Operating System?

Well, Linux is not an operating system. It is family of free and open source operating systems that are built around Linux kernel. However, Linux word is often used to describe such operating systems. 952 more words



Canaima is a GNU/Linux distro, derived from Linux Mint Debian Edition.


Beginner-friendly distributions

In my previous posts, I have discussed the good and bad of Linux without actually recommending any, or demonstrating what they look like. With this in mind, I have picked four distributions for people coming here from other platforms – each of these are based on the same distribution (Ubuntu) yet look and work in different ways. 783 more words


Mintbox Mini 2

(LinuxMint Blog) – The Mintbox Mini just got better again!

Based on the Compulab Fitlet2, the new Mini is just as small as… 101 more words

Open Source

To what extent can you tinker and customize Ubuntu when compared and contrasted with Debian?

Well recently I was using Ubuntu KDE, i.e. Kubuntu. You can customize it to look and feel pretty much like anything you want!

For example, are you tired of the Ubuntu logo rotating as your computer boots? 168 more words


Linux Mint

Founded by Clément Lefèbvre, and currently created by the Linux Mint Team, Linux Mint is a GNU/Linux operating system with editions derived from Ubuntu and Debian. 74 more words