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2016, May 27 - Introduction to www.DistroWatch.com - My Guide to 100+ Operating System on a Single Hard Drive

2016, May 27 – Introduction to http://www.DistroWatch.com – My Guide to 100+ Operating Systems on a Single Hard Drive
This is the # 1 Place to KNOW what`s Going ON… 632 more words


Using Linux

Recently installed Linux on a separate drive in my rig. So far, I love it. Using the latest version of Mint, which has plenty to get going right away. 240 more words

Mint Hot Spot WiFi

  1. Goto Edit Connections
  2. add new connection
  3. choose wifi

4. set name of connection, SSID name and mode

5. set wifi security

6. set IPv4 method Share to other computers… 69 more words

Linux Mint

Adventures with Rafaela and Rosa

The story so far: forced to move from Fedora 20 with KDE Plasma 4, and sceptical of Plasma 5, I installed Mint 17.2 in the hope of a quiet life. 481 more words


Mint No Hibernate Button

sudo apt-get remove pm-utils
sudo apt-get install hibernate 
Linux Mint

Sorry for the long friggen hiatus…

Hey to anyone that comes here, I’ve noticed a bit of traffic on my first post so I hoped it helped some people. Sorry for the long friggen hiatus… I’ve been working a crazy swing shift at work and my ISP was giving me some trouble. 426 more words

Linux Mint

Farewell to Heisenbug

So the last operating system I discussed in any depth was Fedora 20, which I installed around October 2014. Given the length of support that Red Hat gives any edition of Fedora, I was lucky that it was maintained until June 2015 owing to delays to Fedora 21. 470 more words