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My Next PC: System76 Kudu

It’s been an extremely long time coming, but as of Friday, April 21, 2017 I can now consider myself an owner of a brand-new 2017 model System76 Kudu laptop! 690 more words


Leaving Windows 10 for Linux

My transition to Linux Mint.

The End Of  Windows 10

First I do say that Windows 10 wasn’t terrible, but it has some major issues which I will tell before I talk about Linux. 559 more words

Personal Comment

Canon MX477 on Mint

Download : http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/contents/ASIA/EN/0100586902.html

$ tar -xf canon\ mx477/cnijfilter-mx470series-4.10-1-deb.tar.gz
$ cd canon\ mx477/cnijfilter-mx470series-4.10-1-deb/
$ sudo ./install.sh 
 password for nano: 

Canon Inkjet Printer Driver
Version 4.10
Copyright CANON INC. 530 more words
Linux Mint

Too Many Options

I cannot decide. There are too many options. A Microsoft Windows person would have no idea.

It’s all the fault of Linux, or more properly “GNU/Linux” pronounced “Gah-New Lin-ux” or sometimes “Gah-New Lin-ox.” Much to the distress of the GNU people who provide all the software for Linux and BSD systems, nobody wants to say “Gan-New” before “Linux.” The harsh reality is this: the vast majority of the public just calls it Linux. 844 more words


Beginner Linux Distributions: From a experienced user perspective

Personally I’m using Arch Linux with Xfce a lot in the last time. A friend of mine also started to switching over from Windows 10 to Linux. 1,489 more words


Slow disk access and overall speed issues in newer ubuntu and linux mint

I have the subjective feeling that the newer versions of ubuntu and its derivatives including linux mint has slowed up a bit compared to pre unity ubuntus(11.04) or linux mint 17. 237 more words


Spotify di ubuntu

Hari ini nyobain spotify di HP android dan ternyata asyik juga he3 barusan nyobain dasar katro, soalnya lagi banyak kerjaan pengen denger musik musik yang update, dan ternyata menggunakan spotify ini menyenangkan sekali karena bisa memilih banyak banget pilihan lagu, dan yang paling asik lagi adalah spotify bisa diinstall juga di turunan ubuntu, karena saya pakai linux mint jadi juga bisa menggunakan cara ini di linux mint. 19 more words