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Quick Tip #3: Power Management Workaround

The Issue:

If you enter iwconfig into the terminal, you might see a line saying “Power Management:on” like in the picture below.  Power management prioritizes battery life over Internet speed, which seems like a logical fallacy on someone’s part.  344 more words


Quick Tip #2: How to Make an Alias

Making an alias:

alias name-of-alias=”insert shell code here”

Example:  alias veggetti=”echo Yay, Veggetti!”

This will print “Yay, Veggetti!” every time you enter veggetti into the terminal. 378 more words

Elementary OS

Quick Tip #1: Refresh Display

How To:

Press F5

The Deets:

Ever boot Linux and notice your launcher is missing or it just looks f***ed up?  By pressing F5 you can refresh your Desktop and save your motherboard from death by rage quit.  21 more words


Timeshift - Restore Points in Linux

How to install via terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install timeshift

How to open GUI from terminal:

sudo timeshift

The Deets: 237 more words

Elementary OS

SanDisk 200GB MicroSD, Linux, and the PSP

📅 July 20, 2016
What? 128GB is not enough space for your camera? How about something larger…

The ubiquitous, tiny memory card format is becoming available in increasing capacities. 1,235 more words


A Few Notes About Linux Mint 18 Themes

📅 July 18, 2016
The Linux Mint desktop looks good, but can I customize it?

Yes! One of the best aspects of Linux is its limitless tweaking and customization where the only limit is your own imagination. 1,992 more words


Linux Mint: Hacked 2.0 (Official Unofficial Notice) UPDATED: 2016-07-18

UPDATE: 20160718T12Z

Torrent server has been reset and  a  ‘private dht seed’ made greatly increasing the security of the seed pool and  denying most WAREZ trackers from leeching or  connecting back. 2,106 more words