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Installing netstat on Centos 7 minimal installation

I have just installed Centos 7 with the minimal installation options, lots of things which were taken for granted by me were not installed, one of them is netstat. 205 more words


OS: Patching the linux kernel with grsecurity patch

I have been wanted to do linux kernel hardening a long time ago. I first heard about grsecurity from my friend William who is a security enthusiast. 623 more words


Disable SELinux

There are times when disabling SELinux is required for some webapp to work.

You can modify the SELinux from /etc/selinux/config

# This file controls the state of SELinux on the system. 78 more words

libmysqlclient.* not found

I have encountered a problem while configure barnyard2 with mysql on unbuntu server 12.04, it turns out that the package libmysqlclient16-dev was deleted from the repository, if you need to get the package you need to add the repo into your sources.list. 18 more words


Debian: Bundle command not found


Supposed you have already installed ruby and rubygems in Debian, and install bundler using gem install command, however when you are trying to get bundle update you got an error which says bundle command not found. 21 more words


Setting up SQUID proxy on CentOS

I have heard that Squid supports Cisco WCCP version 1 and 2, I need a proxy server / cache engine that can help me do proof of concept with WCCP. 345 more words


CentOS6.2: Installing apache webserver

I really like Debian based linux, and I really prefer apt to yum. Searching packages from apt is easier than from yum in my humble opinion. 83 more words