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Manage Screen brightness on Linux with custom xrandr shortcuts


Sometimes it’s painful to stare for few hours at a too bright monitor, especially at night.

Luckily this can be easily solved by setting the output brightness with XRandR, the problem is that it’s not so handy as the command to type is quite long, for example: 266 more words

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Otklanjanje tearing efekta prilikom reprodukcije videa u Linuxu (opet)

Jos jedan tekst na temu otklanjanja tearing efekta prilikom reprodukcije videa na Linuxu.

Za razliku od prethodnih tekstova, ovaj je manje komplikovan i ne zahteva petljanje sa nekim sistemskim podesavanjima. 84 more words

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Some Linux Benchmarks (Gaming & more)


Here’s a playlist with a few benchmarks, there are just games now (Native, Wine and Emulators) but I’m planning to expand it to include other stuff (cpu-, ram-, storage-specific bench), maybe I’ll create another playlist, who knows :)


Gaming On Linux (Native & Wine)

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sudo useradd -m -d /home/mike1 -s /bin/bash -c “the mike1 user” -U mike1
sudo useradd -m -d /home/mike2 -s /bin/bash -c “the mike2 user” -u 1099 -g 1050 mike2… 414 more words

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