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Promena vrednosti swappiness u Linuxu da ili ne?

Na internetu ima dosta tekstova o swappinessu. U vecini tekstova se preporucuje da se vrednost postavi na 10 umesto podrazumevane vrednosti 60. I ja sam pisao o tome na ovom blogu i radio tutorijal na tu temu. 97 more words

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how to: fix steam not running with open-source drivers on arch linux


it took me a good 1-2 hours to solve this problem!

As always it was pure hell on earth until I fixed it, now I regain happyness and I learned some new commands too (maybe I lost some hairs but who cares..). 1,034 more words

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How to: try and install a Linux Distribution in your PC.


If you are checking this post you probably are interested in Linux and want to give it a try.

I have to say that… 2,252 more words

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How to Uninstall sh file from Ubuntu/Linux

Hi again, I am noobtester your friendly YouTuber. Today we will learn how to remove or install a .sh file from your Linux Operating System. It’s really a very easy step, but many people who are new to Linux they get confused. 64 more words


Smanjivanje upotrebe swap-a u Linuxu

Swap je proces kojim se deo RAM memorije kopira u konfigurisani prostor na hard disku, da bi se oslobodio deo RAM memorije. Taj konfigurisani prostor se zove swap prostor. 281 more words


Instaliranje MATE desktop okruzenja u Xubuntu 14.04

Da bi ste instalirali MATE desktop okruzenje u Xubuntu 14.04, treba da uredite sledece:
U terminalu kucajte sledece komande:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/ppa
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/trusty-mate…
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