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How to Uninstall sh file from Ubuntu/Linux

Hi again, I am noobtester your friendly YouTuber. Today we will learn how to remove or install a .sh file from your Linux Operating System. It’s really a very easy step, but many people who are new to Linux they get confused. 64 more words


Smanjivanje upotrebe swap-a u Linuxu

Swap je proces kojim se deo RAM memorije kopira u konfigurisani prostor na hard disku, da bi se oslobodio deo RAM memorije. Taj konfigurisani prostor se zove swap prostor. 281 more words


Instaliranje MATE desktop okruzenja u Xubuntu 14.04

Da bi ste instalirali MATE desktop okruzenje u Xubuntu 14.04, treba da uredite sledece:
U terminalu kucajte sledece komande:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/ppa
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/trusty-mate…
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If you liked YUMEX, don't miss YUM EXTENDER (DNF) for Fedora 22

If you are one of them (like me) that prefer to manage and/or install software through an easy to use GUI, don’t forget to migrate to the new version of the “old” YUMEX. 27 more words


Fixing yum install issues

Sometimes after installation of a new linux machine, we come across following failures while trying to install packages.

yum utility doesn’t  work due to repositories issues. 100 more words


Linux DD Tips

  • Copy To User: Destination address, in user space. Source address, in kernel space. Number of bytes to copy.
unsigned long copy_to_user ( void __user * to, const void * from, unsigned long n);
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Linux Userspace Tips

0   stdin
1   stdout
2   stderr
p[0]    read
p[1]    write
read(fd,buff,count) read count bytes from fd to buff
write(fd,buff,count)    write count bytes to fd from buff
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