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Download all files of a particular type from a webpage.

Hint. We'll use the magical "wget".

If you know nothing about “wget” you’ve never used it. Please read its man page of at least once. 234 more words

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grep command in Unix/Linux

The grep commend searches a file for a particular pattern of characters, and displays all lines that contain that pattern. The pattern that is searched in the file is referred to as the regular expression (grep stands for globally search for regular expression and print out). 635 more words

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How To install Google Chrome in any Debian or Ubuntu Based linux OS

Here I am Going to show you easy way to install google chrome

1. open terminal 

2. Go to super user mode using su 

3. Update your system all repos using apt… 64 more words

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Using GIT in Linux

How to use GIT in Linux

GIT is a revision control system that allows multiple contributors to work on same projects/files. Is also useful if you have more servers/vms/workstation that you manage and you want to deploy “recipes”/scripts/configurations on them. 399 more words

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How to install Steam on Linux

How to install Steam on CentOS

In order to install Steam on CentOS you must follow the steps provided below:

-Open Terminal Window:

-Enter in root mode, type: sudo bash, input root password and press ENTER; 205 more words

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Reverse Proxy multiple sites using NGINX

According to NGINX wiki, NGINX is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server.

We decided to use NGINX as a reverse proxy to multiple LXD containers. 395 more words


Introduction to LXD Container Hypervisor

Recently I was tasked to setup an internal documentation system. After looking at several options such as Mediawiki, Confluence, Twiki, etc, we decided to implement… 606 more words