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I Said Goodbye To Microsoft Windows And Hello Linux Ubuntu 14.04!

Disclaimer: The topic is only partly technical but not intended as a technical blog entry, I’m just sharing my experience using this Desktop program and operating system. 635 more words

The Tech Stuff

error: too many titles for menuentry: when upgrading Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS

After the distupgrade the machine needs a reboot.

I was then greeted with this pleasant error message “error: too many titles for menuentry”.

I found the following to be a real life saver: http://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair-cd/home/Home/ 12 more words

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Working with FluentNHibernate-Oracle on Windows 64bit .netfwx 4

System.Data.OracleClient will be not supported on future .netfwx begin from 4 version. It’s a time to migrate to Oracle.DataAccess from Oracle.

To make it’s work on 64bit machine (windows7) here are the must setting up properly component: 87 more words


TypeInitializationException when build session nhibernate

Have Nhibernate configuration, works on production server (os : linux ubuntu) but not working on dev machine(os : windows7).

Got exception:

System.TypeInitializationException was caught

Some say because missing something that required by nhibernate eg.

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Increase Laptop battery life on Ubuntu/Linux using PowerTOP

PowerTOP is a great utility which allows you to diagnose power consumption on Linux machine.It provides with lots of stats mentioning power consumption per process, per processor, per device, idle states of each core etc. 423 more words

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Install Odoo 8 pada Ubuntu 14.04 menggunakan Script

Setelah beberapa kali menginstall Odoo 8 di Ubuntu 14.04 menggunakan VMware Workstation, dan tentunya banyak mengalami kegagalan. Saya menemukan sebuah site yang membahas bagaimana install Odoo8 di Ubuntu 14.04 menggunakan script yang disediakan. 91 more words


Setting Resolution in Ubuntu 14.04 and Virtualbox

การใช้ Ubuntu 14.04 ใน VirtualBox

             จากการ Install Ubuntu 14.04  ใน  VirtualBox  เมื่อทำการ Install เรียบร้อยจะพบว่า  Resololution  ที่แสดงในหน้าจอมีขนาด 640 x  480 ซึ่งไม่พอดีกับหน้าจอแสดงผล

– พิมพ์คำสั่ง xrandr จะแสดงว่า

– Setting จาก System Setting  > Display 43 more words