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How to create a port forward with iptables?

This example shows you how to create a port forward with iptables.
It is basically two iptables rules. 43 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 in VirtualBox - quick setup for a PoC

Obviously it’s not a tutorial – neither for VirtualBox nor for Linux – just a quick note on essentials when you need to provision a RHEL instance in VirtualBox without active Red Hat subscription. 184 more words


my minimal zshrc

# Aliases
alias -g ls='ls --color=auto'
alias -g vi='vim'
alias -g ssh='TERM=xterm-256color ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null'

# Paths
export PATH=$PATH:~/bin

# Prompt
PROMPT=[%n@%m\ %c\]%(!.#.$)\ … 26 more words


Mail encryption via PGP/MIME on Android

After heavily investigating PGP encryption on smartphones running Android, I want to share the most important of my findings. These are primarily related to PGP/MIME support for email encryption, since this is the only way to encrypt emails completely including attachements. 354 more words


ESP8266 - Setting up Sming and NetBeans

Sming is one of the alternative firmware for the ESP8266 that is built on top of an extensive library that hides some of the ESP8266 SDK complexities. 932 more words