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Database file for ASP.Net Core under Linux

Here is some information about the database of an ASP.Net Core project under Linux. This assumes the project was created using the Yeoman generator or a similar process. 208 more words


Raspberry Pi Zero

I never realized how tiny they were. The top is laptop memory, the bottom is a Raspberry Pi Zero. Now what to do with it?


Run Chirp Radio Software on Linux

I hit a few minor annoyances getting chirp working to program my Baofeng UV-B5.

I installed from the repo on Dan Planet’s Linux page for chirp, but then noticed I can get a daily in zip form. 113 more words


L293D Project

The main project I’ve been working on recently is a Python library that controls an L293D motor driver chip via the GPIO ports of a Raspberry Pi, in order to easily control motors. 108 more words

Recurse Center Game Plan

My Goals for my time here at the Recurse Center

Interests (tentative):

Moocs: CS101(Udacity), CS50, Algorithms(Stanford), How to use Git & Github (Udacity), CS253- Web development (Udacity),¬†Welcome to Computer Networking (Udacity),¬†Invent with Python & Pygame… 96 more words


LibreOffice Impress Becoming Very Slow After Copy/Paste

LibreOffice Impress version 5.1 and 5.2 for Linux becomes extremely slow, if one copies some slides multiple times. This behaviour can be reproduced on laptops, machines with and without graphic card. 215 more words


Recurse Center Day 2 & Day 3

Day 2 Recap

Yesterday was my second day at the Recurse Center. Here’s some bullet points:

  • Missed my first official check-in (1 p.m.) by 7/8 minutes as a result of Trader Joe’s grocery shopping .
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