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SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell public demo coming next week for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Next Monday, 6/6/6, SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell is going to receive a Public Demo on Steam, so everyone can give this addictive #speedrunner a try. 408 more words

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XCOM 2 Alien Hunters DLC releases for Linux and Mac on Steam

Alien Hunters, the #second #DLC pack for XCOM 2, is out now for Linux and Mac.

#Available to buy separately, or as part of the… 201 more words

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Linux: scp command basics and to copy a directory

The scp command in linux is used to securely copy (scp – secure copy) files and folders from one linux server to another. The basic structure of the scp command is as follows: 108 more words


Mini Munki Lessons: App Precedence

Today a coworker asked me to take a look at our Munki repository because it was exhibiting some strange behavior with regards to Firefox. As of this writing, Firefox is at version 46.0.1, but Munki was insisting that version 42.0 was the most recent version. 155 more words


The Oracle database, in-memory parallel execution and NUMA

In a previous article called ‘memory allocation on startup’ I touched on the subject of NUMA; Non Uniform Memory Access. This article is about how to configure NUMA, how to look into NUMA usage and a real life case of NUMA optimisation using in-memory parallel execution. 1,995 more words


Smart Admin Menus in 99 Lines of C Code

Long time ago I was responsible, after all, also for final on-site installation of several systems level services I wrote. The pilot installation was not a problem, but every next installation turned out to be very boring task. 705 more words

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