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FISH | Friendly Interactive SHell on openSUSE

BASH has been good to me and I have enjoyed my time with BASH very much. I have learned so much about the inner workings of Linux through the terminal and BASH has been there my whole experience. 625 more words


Network update and a new home server

With the countdown on to starting anew job, and the winter nights now here I decided to get on with updating my home network. 440 more words


Steam's Best Selling Games of the Last Week

The week ending October 25th saw some notable PC releases in Amnesia: Rebirth, ScourgeBringer, and Transformers: Battlegrounds, but how have they fared against last week’s chart of the best selling games of Steam? 232 more words


Cross Compiling Rust (Notes)

I’ve been fiddling with cross compiling Rust to our ARM-64 platforms. I’m hitting a wall because Rust elfs require the system loader and C libs. I’m writing these notes to document what I’ve found so far. 377 more words


Not all SSD’s are created Equal

Just backed up 163 GBs of Data the other day, and noticed it took longer to copy the Data to the Crucial SSD than it did to an old Samsung SSD. 414 more words