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[Recommended] Linux Make Command

Source: About.com Linux Make

The purpose of the make utility is to determine automatically which pieces of a large program need to be recompiled, and issue the commands to recompile them.

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Getting HDMI working for Raspberry Pi

This post is intended to help beginners working with Raspberry Pi to get the display output through HDMI output. This post assumes that the user is running Raspian OS in your… 283 more words

Embedded System

Add to and change Ubuntu's MOTD

Ubuntu’s Message Of The Day or MOTD is the name given to the welcome screen users see when they login to a Ubuntu server using a remote terminal. 986 more words


'dnsmasq' and 'iptables' - to LAN and beyond

Previously I have discussed the use of dnsmasq to permit two machines to connect in order to transfer data between them.

This article outlines the next step – in which the machine running… 346 more words


This post is a quickstart guide to install OpenStack Liberty release using packstack on CentOS7.

This is very basic POC setup where all components will be installed on one node only. 215 more words


Dreamfall Chapterse now available on Unity 5 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Dreamfall Chapters had a major #makeover, which now is graphically more vivid, particularly with the in-game #performance.
What actually took place. Somewhere in the # 154 more words

Linux Game News

Valve cracking down on account hijackers and Trade Scammers

There have been a few rogue scammers and frauds going after players precious wizard hats and shark guns, #plundering #Steam #accounts. CS: GO guns and… 214 more words

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