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Managing services on Linux

This article applies to Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, AWS Linux distros.

For enabling, disabling and listing system services, use the script called chkconfig.

List all services… 47 more words


Hardening Linux

First start with a minimal install and consider using full disk encryption if the system is likely to be used for anything sensitive.

Check the installed packages… 182 more words


Minecraft OpenGL crash loading game

Minecraft seems to be everywhere and one of the nice things about it is that it will run quite happily on Linux (actually there are some things like manipulating ‘.jar’ files that are probably easier on Linux), and if you are a thinking of trying out Linux but are put off by not being able run Minecraft then the good news is that getting it too work on Linux isn’t hard – but occasionally something unexpected happens as it did to me recently. 603 more words


Hibernate for Ubuntu

Since the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS the hibernate icon disappeared as possible option at the shutdown. It is not a big loss if you are not used to use (or overuse) it as I often do. 415 more words

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AWS EC2 Linux swap file creation

The Amazon EC2 Linux instances come without a swap file. The steps below show how to add a swap file to an EC2 Linux server. 48 more words


Configure VMs which talk to each other.


This blog will walk you through setting up three different fedora VMs : ram, daisy and rincy; who will be talking to each other and also with the host machine; very soon… 629 more words


Good riddance to PulseAudio! (or "Settling on a Linux sound server")

I have a love-hate relationship with PulseAudio: it has a lot of great features, but sometimes it’s more resource-hungry than I would like, and it also crashes more often than I’d like. 1,064 more words