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Best size for swap partition in Linux

The old rule: Swap size should be twice of the RAM is only applicable in the old system when RAM is small (<1GB)

The new rule: 57 more words


GNU/Linux - Vytvorenie nového užívateľa

Užívateľov väčšinou v Linuxe nevytváram každý deň. Nie je to žiadna zložitá operácia, ale je dobré to zvládnuť na prvýkrát, takže si to vždy veľmi rád zopakujem. 171 more words


[MODULES-1823] Allows Puppet to autosync the date/time on a server

We cannot use this PR due to ntpdate being retired. We can achieve the same functionality by calling ntpd with certain parameters. “ntpd -q -g -x” The tests in the pr can be used, and the parameter can be used. 15 more words


Beginners guide - Updating Kali Linux

Now the we have installed Kali Linux, in my previous post, we want to update all of the things.  Open up a new terminal.

Once the console is loaded, type the following command and hit enter. 271 more words

Nagios 3 On A Raspberry Pi 2

Nagios 3 is a popular choice for network host and service monitoring. This open source project can be relatively simple to setup and have working quickly. 1,248 more words


Day 51

This week we’re going to have a look at some computer science. This is something I already find very interesting so it will be great to have a proper look into some of the most important aspects. 175 more words


Slackware, the smooth & frustrating!

Pros :- Smooth, solid, taught me more about Linux than any other distro!

Cons :- Dependency’s! Then you have dependency’s with dependency’s with dependency’s……. AHHHHH!!!!!!