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Free Encrypted Cloud Storage for Windows, Linux and Mac

In order to share and store sensitive data of my startup company I was searching for a cloud storage solution which offeres at least 5GB of storage… 545 more words

Cloud Storage

Enable SAMBA sharing without password

  • When enabling the file sharing by default SAMBA server will prompt for the password while accessing the share folder.
  • To remove the password prompt you can edit “smb.conf” file located in “/etc/samba” location and change the below mention settings…
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/dev/tcp forgotten linux delicacy

Most of use nmap , ping ,ping ,wget curl , nc …. when need use or diagnose network from linux command line.
I want show you how  to use bash for fast diagnostic , scanning ,send or download files, open websites , check services and create simple backdoor. 691 more words


Introduction to Linux OS

In a Nutshell, Linux is an Opensource Operating System which is entirely different to Windows OS and very much similar to Unix OS.

Microsoft Windows versions have been developed and are being sold by Microsoft Company.End users like us are expected to pay fee/money for using their services and GUI (Graphical User Interface) is at its peak in Windows Operating System. 109 more words


Cómo proteger el borrado accidental de archivos en Linux

Aunque Gnu/Linux es un sistema operativo muy seguro, lo cierto es que a veces ocurre que borramos archivos por error y luego es difícil de recuperar. 317 more words


How to Find Files and Folders in Linux Using the Command Line

Using the Find Command

The “find” command allows you to search for files for which you know the approximate filenames. The simplest form of the command searches for files in the current directory and recursively through its subdirectories that match the supplied search criteria. 1,297 more words