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Set Linux Console Height and Width

On my Raspberry Pi and my much older AlphaServer have configured the system to use the serial port as the console, as this means I can use them ‘headless’ without having to plug-in a screen or keyboard (very useful if you are on the move and only have a laptop). 79 more words


Debian - Check if Cron is running or not

You can disable cron by using

/etc/init.d/cron stop

But to make sure it’s not running, execute the following command and you should see no output. If you see the output (PID), it means that cron service is running.

pgrep cron

Google syzkaller - Linux syscall fuzzer

#Linux syscall fuzzer https://t.co/b1gjMvX9NL

— kmkz (@kmkz_security) February 22, 2017

syzkaller is an unsupervised, coverage-guided Linux syscall fuzzer. It is meant to be used with KASAN (CONFIG_KASAN=y), KTSAN (CONFIG_KTSAN=y), or KUBSAN.


Files and folder management in Linux part 2 {File Types}

This article is all about Files and folder management in Linux part 2. In the previous post Files and folder management part 1 we learn about files and folder creation in Linux using different methods. 1,913 more words