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Networking Cheatsheet for Linux (and macOS)

Whether you are a Unix/Linux/macOS Sys Admin or just a user, you often have to deal with various network issues. There are several ‘built-in’ utilities that can be used through the Command Line to help solve these issues. 100 more words


Mining with BFG: A How To Guide

Bitcoin mining is a lucrative, yet difficult venture that has become exceedingly popular with the emergence of various cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin is the largest and most valuable digital asset that can be mined, other cryptocurrencies require it as well such as  1,153 more words


An update on universal packages

I have said in the past that I do not like the idea of universal packages, packages for GNU in the form of a self-contained, “universal” format which downloads a ton of dependencies on its own.  331 more words

Deploying Samba smb.conf via Group Policy

I’ve been working on Group Policy deployment in Samba. Samba master (not released) currently now installs a samba-gpupdate script, which works similar to gpupdate on Windows (currently in master it defaults to –force, but that changes soon). 72 more words



1. Dosemu error in Ubuntu 17.10

1. Open file $ sudo nano /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf

2. Search $_cpu_emu

3. change $_cpu_emu = ” off ” —-> $_cpu_emu = ” full ” 90 more words


System76 se convertirá en fabricante de equipos informáticos

La empresa System76 es famosa por no solo ser un vendedor de ordenadores y equipos informáticos con Gnu/Linux sino también por ser uno de los primeros vendedores que hayan creado una distribución Gnu/Linux para sus usuarios y clientes. 357 more words