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Using dynamic variables for shell scripting

So you may ask, why go through all the trouble?

Have you ever had to move scripts from one directories to another to find out the script is now broken? 891 more words


Moj prvi program

Izvršavanje napisanog programa predstavlja vrlo jednostavan proces pri kojem program od korisnika zahtjeva ulazne podatke, a korisnik od programa očekuje da vrati rezultat odnosno da prikaže izlazne varijable kao traženi rezultat. 1,075 more words


Set Up A Static IP Address On The Raspberry Pi Using Wi-Fi

With my how to Set Up A Static IP Address On The Raspberry Pi post I explained how to use Raspbian and an Ethernet cable to do the job. 46 more words

Corvettes, Beer, Microcontrollers, and Future Plans

Once again, I’ve gotten out of stride with my posts. Last weekend was a rather busy weekend for me as I looked over a number of possible C3 Corvettes for sale. 1,208 more words


Conky configuration new setting syntax

Conky changed its configuration file syntax in 1.10

Light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any kind of information on your desktop.

166 more words

Raspberry Pi - Introduction

Why a Raspberry Pi(RPi)??

Before we consider to buy a Raspberry Pi, we need to know

why we need a Raspberry Pi?

What project are we running that require a Raspberry Pi? 803 more words


Linux Mint

I checked out a few of the most popular Linux distributions before finally arriving at Linux Mint. A couple of those, such as Ubuntu, worked fairly well but either had privacy concerns or just didn’t have the match of user-friendliness and customizability that I was looking for as a beginner. 249 more words