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Coreboot 4.5 lanzado en forma oficial

Coreboot es un proyecto que desde hace ya unos cuantos años busca ofrecer una alternativa en el mundo de las BIOS, o quizá sea más apropiado decir que con el se intenta reemplazar el código propietario que forma parte de este importante componente en el mundo de los ordenadores de escritorio y de sobremesa. 300 more words


Dirty COW, the Linux kernel security flaw (CVE-2016-5195)

Dirty COW, the Linux kernel security flaw (CVE-2016-5195), discovered in virtually all Linux Operating system versions. A High priority privilege-escalation vulnerability exists in a section of Linux Kernel, which allows any installed malicious app to gain administrative (root-level) access to a device and completely hijack it. 72 more words


Error with SCP file transfer between hosts...

SCP File transfer from one Linux hosts to another failed with

# scp initakuree_dg.ora oracle@eko:/u01/app/oracle/

ssh: connect to host eko port 22: Connection refused
lost connection
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When Your Screen Breaks In The Himalayas

If you’ve ever had the screen break on your laptop, you’ll know it can be rather annoying to have to use an external monitor for a while as you either wait for a replacement panel to arrive from the other side of the world, or wait for that new laptop you were just desperate for an excuse to upgrade to. 286 more words

Computer Hacks

Linuxカーネルに脆弱性「Dirty COW」発覚、管理者権限を取得される恐れ [ #cloud ]




Install phpMyAdmin

Ở ghi chép trước mình đã cài đặt LAMP server. Trong ghi chép này mình sẽ tiếp tục viết về quá trình cài đặt phpMyAdmin. Do đó để cài đặt phpMyAdmin thì trước hết cần phải cài đặt LAMP server ở … 778 more words