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Pop!_OS. My thoughts.

Some background

I recently upgraded my motherboard and processor from a still rather good Asus Prime Z170-P and Intel i5-6700 to AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600XT with the MSI MPG X570 motherboard. 1,385 more words

How to use Ansible to map a Linux device to a vVOL FlashArray Volume


In my previous post I walked through how you can determine a vVOL FlashArray volume from a Linux device. In this post I will show how we can automate that process with Ansible using the same /dev/sdd Linux device and some code examples. 1,129 more words

Pure Storage

How to map a Linux device to a vVOL FlashArray Volume


I have recently seen an increase in the adoption of VMware Virtual Volumes (vVOLS), and a question which is frequently asked is: How I can identify the FlashArray volume from my Linux server ? 349 more words


¿Soporte Linux para Apple Silicion M1?

Linus Torvalds ya insinuó que le encantaría trabajar en equipos basados en ARM, y que le encantaría que el nuevo Apple Silicon, el M1, soportase Linux. 739 more words


Pluto TV llega a Ubuntu Touch en forma de webapp, pero las cosas tienen que mejorar (por lo menos en la PineTab)

Hace poco más de un mes, Pluto TV aterrizaba en España. Para el que aún desconozca qué es, se trata de canales propios de la plataforma, gratuitos y que podemos ver online, para lo que necesitamos un navegador web (no es necesario el uso de Widevine) o una app para poder disfrutarlos. 302 more words


GhostBSD 20.11.28 – ‘more secure than Linux ‘n GhostBSD has a simple installer!

GhostBSD  has a great little graphical installer ‘n graphical package manager, but I am not a fan of the MATE ‘n Xfce DE’s. Tried to install the Cinnamon DE with their package manager ( 521 more words


A Data wrangling exercise on system boot log

The following exercise is taken from this lecture.


Find your average, median, and max system boot time over the last ten boots. Use journalctl… 212 more words

Data Wrangling