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Linux vs Microsoft: How Far Would I go?

My never-ending battle to stay as far away from Microsoft Windows as possible lost ground today.

I hate Windows. Have I ever told you this? 603 more words


Allow non-root users to capture network packets with Wireshark on Ubuntu

It’s very easy to do, all you need is just add your user to the wireshark group, e.g.

sudo adduser hobba wireshark

so this makes user hobba able to capture packets without requiring sudo privileges.

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Improve Intel Graphics Performance on Ubuntu 16.04 (and variants)

This solved a very annoying problem for me, as the screen was heavily tearing and I didn’t like the video playback performance.

All you need to do is the following: 199 more words

2 Birds 1 Stone

I was looking for some hardware to install LinuxMint KDE 18 on and I found it. I’ve had a Macbook Air that I don’t use because I find OSX to be incredibly irritating. 96 more words

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LinuxMint KDE 18

Before it was released I had heard that LinuxMint was making a green theme. Not sure what happened as I see a lot of blue. I also see a lot of extra junk I don’t want. 134 more words

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My OS Watch List

Berikut adalah senarai opensource OS yang menarik perhatian saya.

– FreeBSD
– LinuxMint
– Android-x86
– ReactOS
– GoboLinux

GoboLinux (http://www.gobolinux.org/) adalah OS yang paling saya teruja. 22 more words

Kelas Komputer

LinuxMint 18 XFCE

After fighting with rolling release and bleeding edge distros, I decided I needed a VM of a stable distro that I didn’t need to worry about. 229 more words

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