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LinuxMint - Heavens to Betsy

Recently, well not recently, more like a few weeks ago, there was a post about LinuxMint development concerning LMDE and its Mint distros.  The article can be found on Segfault here: http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2015/02/about-betsy/   I was surprised to find out that LMDE’s rolling release model was removed due to lack of interest.  519 more words


Installing utorrent on Linux Mint

Download the utorrent file.

mint@mint ~ $ cd ~/Downloads         ## or wherever your files downloaded from the browser are saved

mint@mint ~/Downloads $ sudo cp utserver.tar.gz /opt… 79 more words


Linux Again

I have been experimenting on my spare laptop. I had been running PC-BSD 10 which I do like. However, they only make a 64bit version in the newer builds and my laptop only has 2gb of ram. 603 more words


Top 17 Linux related Subreddits. Did your favourite make the list ?

Reddit. Amazing community. Almost 170 million users. And yet again, it has a thriving Linux community. So, I wanted to showcase the best 17 Linux related subreddits that are out there (at the time of writing) . 670 more words


Nemo vs Nautilus

I recently decided I missed the emblem feature in the newer Nautilus, as well as not feeling very positive about a “blank” desktop space. I’ve let that slide for a few years, but suddenly it feels like wasted space. 232 more words


Rooting Nexus 7 Grouper Android 5.0.2

Linux using cf root the best .fastest

download the file and follow the basic instruction

done with linux mint 17.01 Cinnamon operating system

NOte : If necessary, unlock the device’s bootloader by running… 10 more words


download dan memulai STS

Memulai STS (Spring Tool Suite)


q> Download STS disini : http://spring.io/tools/sts

q> Apa itu sts, menurut website sumber sts :

The Spring Tool Suite is an Eclipse-based development environment that is customized for developing Spring applications.

90 more words