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VM Provision In Google Cloud Platform

Following is the way to create an Google Cloud account.

Load the Google cloud platform URL and signup with the appropriate details. While creating account you will be asked to enter your credit card details, don’t worry about it because they are offering $300 free 60 days for our experimentations. 400 more words


Configure VisualVM on Ubuntu 14.10

VisualVM is a kind of data gathering software for application which are running under the Java Virtual Machines (JVM). This retrieve information related to the Java application, like heap size, heap dumps, RAM utilization, CPU utilization, thread count and so on. 363 more words


Jenkins | Deploy & Configure for Play Applications in RHEL 6.x

Jenkins is an open source server for continuous integration and written by JAVA. This is one of a world famous CI(Continuous Integration) tool. This tutorial guides you through the steps to deploy Jenkins server on RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) server. 463 more words


How to install xampp on ubuntu

Hi ┬áToday my friend asked me how to install xampp on ubuntu. Ohhh I have installed it before but ┬áI forgot it :D ┬áSo I thought it is better to write it…. 99 more words


How to install mobile partner in ubuntu

Hi guys today I found another small thing in Ubuntu :) Actually It was told me by my friend Kalinga :) Thanks bro..
Today I knew about how to install mobile partner in Ubuntu. 69 more words