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Kirk Douglas celebrates 101st birthday with wife Anne, son Michael, and family

Kirk Douglas is truly a living legend.

The screen icon celebrated his 101st birthday on Saturday alongside his wife, Anne, 98. Douglas looked healthy and happy as he was visited by his family, including sons Michael and Joel, and granddaughter Kelsey Douglas. 351 more words


How to mount remote SSHFS via SSH Tunneling!

sshfs is very handy for mounting remote directories on your local filesystem. Recently I needed to mount the / directory off a remote server so I can remotely work from home without complicating everything by ssh’ng then vim my code – Painful exercise. 140 more words


Automagically execute a bash function/cmd upon entering a directory.

After growing tired of sourcing Petalinux/Yocto-project settings, I decided to compile a script/code that resides under my ~/.bashrc , the only thing the code/script does it automagically source my settings upon entering the directory else it will just list the contents of that directory. 119 more words


Xilinx PetaLinux 2017.2 installation on Ubuntu 16.04.3

The user guide for Xilinx PetaLinux 2017.2 installation is UG1144. It is best used together with Xilinx Vivado 2017.2 version (see my last post about how to install Vivado). 561 more words


How do I change the hostname without a restart?

Without restart:

Update new hostname
sudo vim /etc/hostname

also update sudo vim /etc/hosts accordingly

sudo sysctl kernel.hostname=mynewlocalhost

When done check your current hostname with hostname -f


Sử dụng wpa_cli để kết nối wifi

Dùng quyền superuser :

sudo -s

Chạy wpa_cli


Bước vào interaction mode

Scan các wifi có xung quanh


Chạy xong lệnh này wpa_cli sẽ scan các mạng wifi xung quanh nhưng không hiển thị kết quả scan. 97 more words


Docker: Remove all images and containers


You use Docker, but working with it created lots of images and containers. You want to remove all of them to save disk space. 55 more words