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Increasing File Descriptors and Open Files Limit CentOS 7

Some programs like Apache and MySQL require a higher number of file descriptors.
This is how you can increase that limit for all users in CentOS 7… 181 more words


Changing SSH Ports CentOS 7

Here is how to change the SSH port in CentOS 7

All commands require root privileges

SSH into the server with the default SSH port 22… 289 more words


Wordpress upload directory permissions

I’ve been having problems with setting the upload permissions for wordpress recently. It seems that the main thing is to make sure the upload directory is owned by the web server account. 41 more words

Web Programming

Configure HTTP Server load balancing with HAProxy in CentOS

In here I’m going to show you how to configure HTTP server load balancing with the HAProxy server.

HAProxy is an open source high availability and high responsive solution with server load balancing mechanism and proxy server.  365 more words


Linux Cron not running ?

There are 2 ways to set up periodic cron jobs in linux

  1. Put them directly in the crontab
  2. Put them in one of the cron directories – below are available…
  3. 155 more words
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Configure VisualVM on Ubuntu 14.10

VisualVM is a kind of data gathering software for application which are running under the Java Virtual Machines (JVM). This retrieve information related to the Java application, like heap size, heap dumps, RAM utilisation, CPU utilisation, thread count and so on. 739 more words