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Trumpets in Jerusalem 

ירושלים של זהב

Thanks Daniella Wexler for the title!

Daily Life Cartoon

Jason Derulo Ft Snoop Lion Wiggle Free Mp3 Download

Jason derulo ft snoop lion wiggle free mp3 download

Download Jason Derulo (feat. Snoop Dogg) – Wigle mp3. (feat. Snoop Dogg) – Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg – Wiggle (feat. 493 more words

Hunting Big Game: Why People Kill Animals for Fun

“The big beast stood like an uncouth statue, his hide black in the sunlight; he seemed what he was, a monster surviving over from the world’s past, from the days when the beasts of the prime ran riot in their strength, before man grew so cunning of brain and hand as to master them.” 70 more words


The threat of poison to vultures and carnivores

Retaliatory poisoning is one of the main reasons why both carnivore and vulture populations are in rapid decline across Africa. Information collected by the Ruaha Carnivore Project… 46 more words

Wildlife Conservation Society

WCS Tanzania priority species

We focus our species conservation on nine priority taxa, which are chosen for their ecological importance, degree of threat, endemism, iconic status, value in arousing action as flagship species as well as historical and global links with WCS.

Wildlife Conservation Society

Quote of the day, May 23

Aesop, “The Man and the Lion”

A Lion and a Man chanced to travel in company through the forest. They soon began to quarrel, for each of them boasted that he and his kind were far superior to the other both in strength and mind. 86 more words


Everyone is a non-vegetarian!

My colleague offered me to enjoy some sprouts during the office time and the joy was evident on my face when I picked up some for myself with my brain anticipating the taste and brain releasing the dopamine. 416 more words