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Tweets of the Week

Since no one follows my Twitter account ( @Czuchrepublic ) Here are some of my top tweets this week:

– New Law, before selling a gun, ask what they think of Fox News, if they like it, do not sell, they’re most likely plotting to kill Americans… 183 more words


Poached Lion Dentist Protection

Move over Cecil. The food chain has found a new Sheriff.

The former King of Grins, the Lion, now faces a new threat to its throne… 162 more words


Thinking About Cecil

Walter Palmer, left, and a murdered lion

If you’re reading this soon after it was posted, you probably know who Cecil is, but for posterity’s sake, I’ll explain. 1,683 more words


In Memoriam – Cecil the Lion

I imagine if you were to lay Homo sapiens out upon the anthropological slab and dissect him as a species you would come up with a number of anomalies. 651 more words

No Regard for Human Life part 2

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post titled “No Regard for Human Life”. It wasn’t about police brutality be it real brutality, provoked brutality or imagined or set up brutality. 2,130 more words


Big Game OverCompensating

So this dentist from Minnesota goes to Zimbabwe and shoots a famous lion. The jerk claims he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong while luring the lion, wearing a collar, out of a protected habitat. 516 more words

About that Dead Lion

Although we were genuinely sorry to hear about that poor lion being killed somewhere in Africa, we’re not so sorry about it that we’ll be making any additional… 824 more words