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Did Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election Make a Difference?

Did voter fraud make the crucial difference in the 2012 election? No one knows for sure — and that’s just the way the Left likes it. 989 more words


A Thanksgiving Message From Lincoln That We All Should Read

Several years ago I was searching for the first official recognition of Thanksgiving and I stumbled upon this. After reading it for the first time I immediately emailed it to hundreds of people. 688 more words


Why Obama Won. Why I Was Wrong. Where We Go From Here.

Being wrong is one thing. Being so far off the mark that you don’t hit the target is another. In a previous post I gave 15 reasons why the 2012 Presidential Election wouldn’t be close and Mitt Romney would win in a landslide.  1,106 more words

Election 2012 Prediction (Updated)

Nov 7th 2012: I couldn’t have been more wrong… I think I know why.
Nov 5th 2012 – Below is my original prediction for the 2012 Presidential Campaign. 659 more words