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The Pursuit of Pleasure: The Four Pleasure Model

The Four Pleasure model by Lionel Tiger, a Canadian anthropologist. is a framework that can be used to help evaluate how pleasurable a product will be use and own. 86 more words

Condo Scene: The 88th-floor philosophy — an anthropological view of the condo

I recently had the chance to sit down with one of the world’s foremost anthropologists to talk about condos.

Dr. Lionel Tiger grew up in Montreal as a friend of Leonard Cohen. 729 more words


male bonding

male bonding

(1980’s | academese | “camaraderie,” “esprit de corps”)

An expression created by a known, specific person, like “hot button” and “ 962 more words


Lionel Tiger in Toronto to Support ‘Men’s Centre’

Joseph Brean writes about Lionel Tiger’s visit in the National Post.

“I’m not an activist. I just want to know why what’s happening is happening,” he said. 368 more words

Are men oppressed? Male rights activists maligned as 'sexists' fight to have movement recognized on campus

At the latest battle in the emerging campus war over men’s rights, as a man in a pink keffiyeh, with a pink hammer and sickle on his chest, shouted slogans through a pink megaphone at a group of men’s rights activists who marched on the Ontario legislature to denounce the oppressive effects of feminism, it was tempting to invoke Henry Kissinger’s quip about the Iran-Iraq War: “It’s a pity they both can’t lose.” 1,251 more words


Leading expert on 'maleness' comes to Toronto to support 'men's centre'

A fundraising campaign to create a Canadian Centre for Men and Families kicks off Wednesday in Toronto with a lecture by a leading anthropologist of gender, in an effort to boost the political clout and intellectual credibility of men’s issues. 743 more words