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Petition: Urge Vietnam and China to Ban Lion Bone Wine - Lions Including Females and Cubs are Being Killed to Supply the Asian Market

Villagers in Zimbabwe are reported to be working with Chinese poachers to exhume lion skeletons, according to a report in New Zimbabwe.com

Lion bones fetch a high price in Asia as the bones are processed into wine that sells for up to $20,000 a bottle. 137 more words


Brigade of Lionesses

I was the newest mom in the support group.
I was different from the others.
I have-not only experienced a child with the disease, but I held it too. 572 more words


Pemetaan Ekonomi Sepak Bola Putri di Panggung Dunia

Di Amerika Serikat, sepak bola bukan termasuk olahraga maskulin. Sepak bola lebih banyak digemari oleh kaum perempuan ketimbang laki-laki. Tak heran, perkembangan sepak bola putri di AS begitu pesat. 1,526 more words


Girls' Football Week 2015

This week I heard the exciting news that the 5th-11th of October will be ‘Girls’ Football Week’ across schools, colleges and universities. The initiative has been set up by the FA in an effort to get more girls participating in the sport in a casual, uncommitted way (in some cases for the first time) which will inevitably mean higher numbers of female football players across the country. 340 more words


Euro 2017 on the Horizon

A week on Monday, the 21st September, a slightly altered England squad will face Estonia in their first UEFA Euro 2017 group qualifier. Despite some players from the World Cup bronze medal winners being left out due to injury and also some new additions to the squad, the lionesses will be keen to build on the momentum that is still very much alive within the team. 186 more words


Stuff the Bus 2015

The beginning of the school year can bring many emotions to parents: sadness because the summer went by too quickly, anticipation of getting back into the everyday routine and excitement because they won’t have to hear the phrase, “I’m bored!” quite as frequently. 210 more words

Lions Pride

Back To Business

Celebrations of World Cup success were quite short lived for the England stars, who returned to their clubs for their latest Super League fixture last weekend, some of which as rivals. 294 more words