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After My Hunt. 

I just finished my morning hunt.

That gazelle put up such a good fight that she almost slipped away from my grip.

Whew! I am totally knackered! 38 more words


Mum’s the Word

“I’m sure the womb is the biggest organ, if I was to fit in there.”

“No,” purred Ma gently, eyes filled with love. “It’s the heart. Always.”


Daily Prompt

The Lioness Which Sleeps

In the tall grass,

In the Savannah of Africa,

There lays a slumbering,

Slothful, rolling, and drowsy,

Beast of gold.

She sleeps and rumbles,

She closes her eyes, 82 more words



The lionness sits firmly
Atop the roof of her emotions
Neither growling, purring, roaring
Mere observing
The commotion

She feels before she thinks it… 57 more words

Love Poetry

Lionness (2012)

Lionness (2012)
Print | Canvas | Framed
60.96cm x 91.44cm

Majestic. When the rest of the world fades; only the subject remains.