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2015 Women FIFA World Cup: Are the Lionesses the best Cameroon has to offer now?

Amidst the corruption scandal that is currently rocking the International Football Federation (FIFA), corruption which has forced its president to resign, The FIFA Women World Cup begins today. 450 more words


Lionness with GoPro Strapped to Back Hunts Down a Buck

Lion whisperer, Kevin Richardson, has gave us one of the most epic GoPro videos you’ll watch. With a GoPro strapped to her back, this lioness hunts down a waterbuck in the wild plains of South Africa. Amazing.


Lion Love

The Lion of Judah cares for you. Invite Him to roar over your life and see how it makes way for the Lord’s Kingdom.

Potot by: Stephen Oachs

Daily Tidbits

Bizarre Predator-Prey Relationships

This is so bizarre and slightly sick. Over a span of a year, a lionness keeps 6 oryx calfs hostage, capturing a new one each time she loses one. 200 more words

Animal Psychology

:: tembe ::

The female lion languidly laid down right in the middle of the track, staring defiantly at us. It was clear that she knew this park was hers and we had no other options but to sit and watch or turn around. 754 more words