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I constantly get the same question when seen in public; “how many piercings do you have?!” and the question is, I literally lost all count. I think I have 21 piercings in total.  308 more words


VínRída, the twisted

Sæl & skål!

Like ancient vines twisting and growing, comes this new piercing set by Drunken Brokkr. It includes two “snakebites” style lip rings, which can be worn together or separated, and a septum ring. 82 more words

Second Life

body modification : Piercings

I have had a lot of piercings through my life and I’ve had so many people ask me about them. So if you’re thinking of getting a piercing that i had, here’s my experience! 1,081 more words

Brokkr, smith of the gods

Sæl & skål!

Brokkr and his brother Eitri were the awesome smiths of the gods. You know, good old Odin and gang. They were the ones who made Thor’s hammer, the famous  107 more words

Second Life

What's It Like Having Your Lip Pierced? (And How Much Does It Hurt?)

In case you didn’t already know… I recently had my lip pierced! It’s something I’ve always liked since Emo was popular back in the early 2000’s (it was a golden year for rock music, am I right?), and now I’ve gone and done it for myself. 866 more words

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