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How a high fat diet can improve your cholesterol profile

Modern medicine is often a reactive business.

I came across the following quote recently when reading the ‘Run on Fat – Cereal Killers’ blog, published by Donal O’Neill. 1,006 more words

Fasting no longer necessary before cholesterol test, experts say

Source: Fasting no longer necessary before cholesterol test, experts say – Medical News Today

For the first time, a team of international experts recommends that most people do not need to fast before having their cholesterol and triglyceride levels tested. 633 more words


Plexus Slim...The "Pink Drink"

What is the “Pink Drink”??? It was originally created for people with blood sugar issues. Weight loss is a “side effect” seen by many and the reason it is called “Plexus Slim.” To be honest, many of us wish it was called something different because it is SO MUCH MORE than just weight loss!! 291 more words


Get up and stretch your legs!

According to the Mayo Clinic, we sit for 10 hours a day. And that not only slows our metabolism to a crawl – and raises our risk for blood clots – it also makes our rear-ends bigger! 62 more words

Connie Sellecca

3 Secret Tips To Healthier Acne-Free Skin

There are many sneaky acne problems that could be easily avoided and resolved. I have Top 3 Solutions that can make a very big impact on your skin and your self esteem over all. 531 more words


Why We Need Carbohydrates, Fat, & Protein In Our Diet

The cover of TIME magazine on March 26, 1984 entitled CHOLESTEROL And Now The Bad News…. 953 more words

(−)-Deschloromytilipin A and (−)-Danicalipin A

Noah Burns and co-workers from Stanford have reported in JACS on the syntheses of (−)-deschloromytilipin A and (−)-danicalipin A.

JACS paper