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Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance

This is a fantastic video from Dr Paul Mason on metabolic disease, which includes discussion on:

  • insulin, insulin resistance and the massive role insulin plays in health, and decay of it…
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Blood Pressure

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are the backbone of almost all lipids. They are made by attaching a single hydrocarbon chain to a carboxyl group on one end. The carboxyl group gives it acidic properties. 65 more words



Fats are lipids composed of two parts; the first part is a fatty acid tail, and the second part is a glycerol molecule. The fatty acid tails are bonded to the glycerol molecule by a condensation reaction between the OH group on both the fatty acid tail and the glycerol. 61 more words



Phospholipids are lipids that contain phosphate (who would have guessed?)

Most phospholipids are triglycerides. Triglycerides are attached to two fatty acid tails at one end, and a charged phosphate group at the other end. 51 more words



Steroids are a group of lipids that are recognizable by the base of four fused carbon rings.

The differences between types of steroids are the side groups that are attached to the four rings. 26 more words



Waxes are large fatty acid chains attached to alcohols or carbon rings.
They are hydrophobic and extremely non-polar.
Waxes are used mostly as protection on plants or as protection on a birds feathers. 7 more words