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Unit 1 (A): Lipids


  • Contain Hydrogen, Carbon and Hydrogen.
  • The portion of the lipids that is oxygen, compared to the portions that are carbon and hydrogen, is smaller than the portion of oxygen found in carbohydrates.
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Diet-Heart: A Hypothesis in Crisis?

by Kenneth W. Krause.

Kenneth W. Krause is a contributing editor and “Science Watch” columnist for the Skeptical Inquirer. Formerly a contributing editor and books columnist for the Humanist, Kenneth contributes regularly to Skeptic as well. 6,556 more words

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How to Make Trans Fat

I know you’re dying to know this.  The answer is partial hydrogenation.  Back in the day, this was kind of the go-to technique for altering oil to get this nice, spreadable consistency.  396 more words

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Triglyceride Shapes

If you look up an image of a triglyceride, you get something that looks kind of like the letter E.  Wikipedia has a good example. 256 more words

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The Glycerol Backbone

Today I have more fun with my organic chemistry modeling kit.

This is glycerol.  A lot of the fats you encounter in foods are triglycerides (TAGs).   594 more words

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Saturated fat???

This topic has been popular here at work lately where I’ve soon tins of patients with elevated lipids. Combine that with the coconut oil fad right now and people are confused. 115 more words

Coconut Oil

Some Fatty Acids

I’m taking a class on lipids.  In other words, it’s about the fats that are found in foods.  We’re looking at a lot of different structures on paper, and I got inspired to dig out my old organic chemistry modeling kit. 564 more words

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