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The 'skinny' on lipids

Recently I had my cholesterol checked.  Seems harmless enough:  lab, blood draw, bandage, leave and wait for results.  Well… the results weren’t as good as I’d hoped, but certainly not bad either.   837 more words


Avance Red Yeast Rice Plus (60 capsules)

A Traditional and Natural Cholesterol-Lowering Remedy

Key Benefits

  • Stronger control over cholesterol levels
  • Helps lower total blood lipids levels
  • Enhances circulatory health; invigorates blood circulation…
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Image of the Week: Pure Cholesterol Crystal

It’s the New Year which means lots of discussions about resolutions and healthy living, whether that’s pledging to exercise more often or cutting back on fatty foods. 265 more words

Development, Ageing And Chronic Disease

The skinny on fat

There’s a lot of conjecture about fat at the moment. We have long since become aware of the existence of ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’, but ask most people which is what and we often draw a blank. 626 more words


Japanese Researchers Create Self-Replicating Artificial Cells

The researchers made a synthetic “protocell” made of DNA and proteins packaged inside lipids, which are fatty compounds meant to mimic the cell membrane. The DNA held in these cells are programmed to replicate under the right conditions of temperature and pH. 70 more words


Two phases on two faces

This image of domains on a lipid vesicle was captured by Matthew Blosser, who is now an NIH NRSA fellow at the University of Oxford. In the image, the lipids within the membrane of a ~70 micrometer giant unilamellar vesicle have demixed into coexisting liquid phases. 406 more words

Biophysical Journal

Metabolisms of Triacylglycerides

Hey, everybody! It’s weird to be back here at school, but I also feel like I just woke up from a deep sleep or something. I don’t know. 1,334 more words