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Food & Workout

Before exercise :

– ideally do not eat any kind of carbohydrates 3 hours prior the workout;
– you can have a little snack (cereal bar, fresh fruits, a small amount of dried fruits, vegetables, fresh juice, milk, yogurt, crackers) 30-40 minutes before starting your physical activity, if approximately 4 hours have passed from your last meal; 214 more words


Healthy Living Tips

What is the amount of various nutrients we should eat on a daily basis? Below is a list of the recommended amounts, but ssst!… don’t tell anyone you found it here! 166 more words


The Lipids

Lipids are one of the three major macronutrients, beside carbohydrates and proteins. They contain 9 calories per gram and should represent 30-35% from our daily intake. 399 more words


What the FAT? The Skinny on the "Keto Diet"

The Ketogenic Diet has once again gained some attention and become somewhat popular among the fitness community. Not everyone is familiar with this diet, how it works, or the change that occur within the human body. 2,302 more words


The Future of Food Is Edible Packaging

According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled, Edible Packaging Market by Material type and End user: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2017-2023,” 573 more words

The Biophysicist Interview

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What do you do?

Prerna Sharma opted for a career in pure science, more specifically the study of soft condensed matter physics—material such as creams, gels, shampoos and even cell membranes that may resemble but are not really simple fluids. 662 more words


Fatty Acids

In body composition, the average human is equal parts proteins and lipids. Fats, if you excuse my language, are the most common type of lipid. 528 more words

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