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“Not-so-good-anymore” cholesterol linked to vision loss in the elderly

Joe Maranville, Qiao Fan, Tien Yin Wong, ChingYu Chen and Heiko Runz

Only a few years ago, doctors would advise their patients that elevated blood levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), then termed the “good cholesterol”, were beneficial and would protect them against coronary heart disease. 1,057 more words


Best Practices: Using and Cleaning Glassware

Glass is a valuable tool for anyone making, creating and concocting lotions and potions. It beats the pants out of plastic as it is non-reactive… 547 more words

Essential Oils


for my lips. I love healing, therapeutic lip treatments. But most of them are too thick or glossy to wear lipstick or gloss over it. I have a look to maintain, and now I can… with… 52 more words


Από το guacamole, μέχρι τις σαλάτες και τα smoothies, το αβοκάντο, λόγω της πλούσιας υφής του, αποτελεί ένα βασικό φρούτο στη σύγχρονη κουζίνα και την καθημερινή γαστρονομία. 413 more words

διατροφή για αρχάριους

More Energy and More Nutrients: 3 dry drupes rich in omega and more

We already know the importance of proteins in our diet, due to cell regeneration, and carbohydrates, essential for generating energy in the body.

Today we will see the action of the necessary fats. 227 more words


Food & Workout

Before exercise :

– ideally do not eat any kind of carbohydrates 3 hours prior the workout;
– you can have a little snack (cereal bar, fresh fruits, a small amount of dried fruits, vegetables, fresh juice, milk, yogurt, crackers) 30-40 minutes before starting your physical activity, if approximately 4 hours have passed from your last meal; 214 more words


Healthy Living Tips

What is the amount of various nutrients we should eat on a daily basis? Below is a list of the recommended amounts, but ssst!… don’t tell anyone you found it here! 166 more words