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Lipids, Part 1: Neutral Lipids

Hello, all! It’s nice to be back to another semester of chemistry shenanigans! This year, I make my first foray into biochemistry, the field of chemistry in which I have declared my concentration. 1,761 more words

Fatty Acids

Nature Gave Us The Cure For Cancer

I’ve always had my hopes up for this and today it seemed to become a reality. Scientists have had success with their experiments after using the… 301 more words


Cholesterol: More Than Just Heart Attacks

When most people hear the word “cholesterol,” they think about their diet, heart disease, and statins. In fact, cholesterol is also an essential component in the membranes of your cells, the biosynthesis of which evolved in re… 312 more words

Biophysical Journal

From ETH: "How lipids are flipped"

ETH Zurich

Peter Rüegg

Comparison of cavities (green) in inward-facing (left) and outward-occluded (right) states of PglK, with native LLO (middle) shown as space-filling model for size reference. 882 more words

Applied Research & Technology

The Evolutionary Role of Lipids in the Human Cognition

A closer investigation of the evolution of brain maturation and cognition led me to the study “Organization and Evolution of Brain Lipidome Revealed by Large-Scale Analysis of Human, Chimpanzee, Macaque, and Mouse Tissues,” published in Neuron by Katarzyna Bozek et al. 484 more words