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3-4 Egg Yolks per Day May Normalize Your Lipids, Reduce Liver & Abdominal Fat as Well as Your CVD & NAFLD Risk

Because of their cholesterol content, eggs have long been touted as a driver of heart disease. As a SuppVersity reader, you know that there are multiple reasons why the notion that the consumption of eggs, or rather egg yolks, would increase your cardiovascular disease risk: (a) there’s no mechanistic “if your cholesterol is high, your CVD risk is also high”-link; (b) a causative link between the consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol does not exist – at least not in the majority of people; (c) substances in egg yolks, in particular, have been shown to modulate the physical characteristics of your lipoproteins and will thus lower, not increase your CVD risk. 1,668 more words

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The Not So Sweet Side of Fructose

Fructose is a monosaccharide found in fruits, some vegetables, honey, table sugar (in form of sucrose, which is a combination of fructose and another monosaccharide glucose), and wheat (in the form of long chains known as fructans). 847 more words

Snapshots of Life: A Flare for the Dramatic

Oil and water may not mix, but under the right conditions—like those in the photo above—it can sure produce some interesting science that resembles art. You’re looking at a water droplet suspended in an emulsion of olive oil (black and purple) and lipids, molecules that serve as the building blocks of cell membranes. 399 more words


Perfect Partners: Oaks & Squirrels

  Blushed and gilded, the foliage gleamed in the afternoon sun as they ruffled and quaked in the cool, September breeze.  Here and there, a leaf became untethered, swirling and sailing towards the ground where it rested amongst the others, peppering the grass like colorful party favors.  404 more words


LCHF & High Cholesterol? Let's talk about the Elephant in the Room..

No blog about LCHF or Low Inflammation Living would be complete if it did not tackle this issue. Yes, HIGH CHOLESTEROL!! The response to carbohydrate restriction varies from individual to individual. 718 more words

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