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LCHF & High Cholesterol? Let's talk about the Elephant in the Room..

No blog about LCHF or Low Inflammation Living would be complete if it did not tackle this issue. Yes, HIGH CHOLESTEROL!! The response to carbohydrate restriction varies from individual to individual. 718 more words

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What is biochemistry about? 


  1. The branch of science concerned with the chemical and physico-chemical processes and substances which occur within living organisms. – Oxford dictionary

As you can read in the definition above, biochemists deal with the chemistry of living systems.

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10th September 1994. Free Radicals: Good and Bad.

‘Free Radicals are implicated in Parkinson’s Disease; taking Vitamin E will prevent heart attacks and anti-ageing creams containing Free Radical scavengers’, as The Lancet reported Today in 1994, ‘suggests Antioxidants have become ‘hot’ news.'(1) 390 more words


Launch Love: Dermalogica's Phyto Replenish Oil

I reckon the biggest disappointment people experience in their day-to-day beauty quest is immediate effect. Or in other words, magic. Makeup can be magic, but skincare takes more effort, and if doesn’t get better… 322 more words


Lipids Used For Energy Storage

A lipid is a hydrophobic fatty acid.  These are naturally occurring compounds found in waxes, fats, oils, etc.  Lipids are used primarily to store energy, to structure and support cell membrane, and in cell signaling. 15 more words


Fitness Helps Improve Lipid Profile

Exercise may delay age-related elevated cholesterol, among men.

A measure of the ability of the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to the skeletal muscles during sustained physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) may be achieved by plentiful aerobic exercise. 228 more words

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