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Breaking Down Myths - Most Deaf People Can Read Lips

From looking at my post counts here at RJsCorner I see that I am pretty much ignoring my number five pillar, breaking down myths. I need to pay more attention to that topic so this post will be about a deaf myth. 397 more words


Communicating at 30%

Lipreading can be hard work and at times only 30% is understood clearly then the rest is guess work. The number improves the more familiar the lipreader is with the speaker. 75 more words


Being a Deaf Cashier

I am a cashier at a supermarket in Ontario, Canada. I’m also profoundly deaf. Being deaf and in a mainstream workplace I have had countless co-workers talk behind my back saying that you can not be deaf and be a cashier. 683 more words


Why Is Reading Lips So Hard?

Read my lips: Lipreading is tough.

A while back, a producer with the Wanda Sykes Show emailed me, asking for help in understanding a news video clip. 379 more words

Coping With Hearing Loss

Lip Reading

Today’s research led me into the world of lip reading and an amazing puzzle created in 1914. Too late for my Emily to refer to, but useful for my purposes… 58 more words


The Art of Lipreading

True story from yours truly: I began learning ASL at the age of eighteen. When a family member found out their response was, “shouldn’t she learn how to lipread?” 383 more words