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So this will be about how to communicate more effectively with both someone with who is hard of hearing or who doesn’t have any hearing loss, though a few will be specifically for those with hearing aids and hearing loss. 1,051 more words

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Keep Calm and Have a Cochlear Implant?

An alarm sound went off while I was walking along a busy road. It was ear piercing! I swayed a little to one side. Was it a siren? 727 more words

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M: shall we go and ponder teardrop electrics over a flat white?

Me: um, well we could, on the other hand, I’d rather not

M: you don’t fancy coffee? 472 more words

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Talk To Me, Please

“Talk to me, please. I’m off to the War quite soon.”

She was alone in the carriage with this young man, and she didn’t like it. 1,928 more words

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Did You Grow Up with Hearing Loss? Lipreading Mom Needs Your Help with "Project Language & Literacy"


My first experience with hearing loss occurred in kindergarten. When the teacher asked the class to listen to and respond to questions through headphones, all I heard through them was garbled speech. 335 more words

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