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Lipstick series: Rich Marron by MAC

Hello everyone!!

Just wanted to give you a quick review on a new lipstick.

I recently went to the The Cosmetic Store at my local outlet and they had an awesome sale. 60 more words

Kat Von D Underage Red

Red lipstick has been a huge part of my look and collection since I first started wearing makeup. It was the first “grown-up” lipstick I ever purchased and is usually the first shade I will buy from a new range or brand. 507 more words


Day 10 all day velvet 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 04 peach club matte finish £8.99.

This is a super soft velvet lipstick that lasts so well once you have it on but getting it on and looking even is not a quick and easy task, the formula is patchy on one coat and needs to part dry before you can top it up I learnt that the hard way if you go in when it is still wet then the patches just get worse and the lipstick ends up super sticky and never dries fully. 174 more words


Day 9 no makeup day

Collection moisturising lip butter normally about £2.99

I have a few colours of this as I think they are perfect for days when you don’t want to have lots of makeup on but need a little something on the lips you know the days when all you feel like is a coat of mascara and lip gloss then out the door for me this is normally Monday morning when I just can’t get myself going enough in time for the school run and have nothing but housework waiting for me. 164 more words


Day 8! Poundland 

Makeup gallery Pout matters matt lip colour from Poundland £1 each (no suprise there)

I have walked passed the makeup display at Poundland so many times but this time I stopped to look, I was surprised to find that they have lots of drugstore brands as well as Makeup gallery that is there own makeup and has just about everything but I was drawn to the lipsticks and liquid lipsticks I picked up the 3 liquid lipsticks that they had a pink, red and purple I expected very little from them and they don’t have a lot of product in but a nice suprise was that colour payout on the red and purple was quite strong the pink shows as more of a shine than anything else. 152 more words


Day 7, so slippy!!

Avon True colour nourishing lipstick in perfect pink, £8 each from your local rep or online via Avon shop.

I am going to start by saying that I have had the same Avon rep for 8 years and have had so many lovely lipsticks (and so much more) from them that when I ordered this is was so certain it would be good if got two colours and when it arrived in was very excited as the packaging is beautiful rose gold and black and the lipstick has a pretty swirl of colour change I think you can see it in the top pic but as I have lots they went into the collection and sat there for a week or so. 184 more words


Day 6, light as a feather 

Barrym Matte Me Up lip kit £6.99 from Boots

This tiny little box holds an amazing suprise the lip pencil is nothing amazing a good basic pencil but the lipstick is a bit of a suprise, it’s so wet that I expected little to no colour and for it to run and be hard to work with but the colour payout is shockingly rich and it did not run but it is not easy to work with and you have been careful with it and you may need two coats with the stronger colours as the wet constancy means that you can’t get a thick coat of this colour and need to build it to what you want, in my case as rich as possible as I love the rich raspberry colour this was even if it was not quite what I expected from the packaging. 197 more words