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Nitrogen ice-cream

The great chef Ferran Adria is credited with revolutionizing food through science, creating molecular cooking and inspiring chefs like Heston Blumenthal, Grand Achatz and Alvin Leung. 153 more words


The joy of the carpark

After a recent visit to the doctor’s surgery to check out a couple of moles, the helpful nurse mentioned that I also had two skin tags on the top back of my right leg, almost bottom area and that she would freeze them off. 409 more words

Body Journey

Small Oxygen Plant Cost

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Cook Your Meat Perfectly With Science

I love beef of nearly any cut, but I can’t stand it if it’s overcooked! I saw a headline for a way to cook it to a perfect degree of doneness every time and clicked on it immediately.   335 more words

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!!

How many of you have never eaten ice cream? I bet all of you have. But how many of you have tried ice cream made with LIQUID NITROGEN? 252 more words


The quest for immortality has obsessed human beings for millenniums. We’ve concocted countless tales and myths about holy grails, mermaid flesh, or fountains of youth capable of bestowing everlasting life to the brave, clever or virtuous. 1,699 more words


Black spikes? No way ! 

Maybe most of us would know what’s this is all about. Science related ? Yes it is. And I don’t really love studies when I was young. 247 more words