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Nice Cream - liquid nitrogen ice cream

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the sneak preview of this – liquid nitrogen ice cream from Nice Cream, a little shop not too far from where I work. 307 more words

South-West Calgary

Storing Liquid Nitrogen in Laboratories: Which Safety Precautions and Sensors Will Protect your Employees?

Liquid nitrogen is frequently used in scientific research, chemistry classes, and even culinary arts nowadays. The substance is safe when properly stored, and as long as everyone follows safety protocols while handling the liquid nitrogen. 524 more words

Liquid Nitrogen Explosion with Ping Pong Balls

Q: Why does liquid nitrogen cause the ping pongs to fly everywhere?

Liquid nitrogen (N2) is very, very cool.  At normal atmospheric pressure it boils… 376 more words


5 Dessert Spots to Try in Brea

If the divine restaurants in Brea weren’t enough to fill up your stomach, these dessert spots will do the trick! Brea has some great dessert places that offer all kinds of signature and creative twists on classic creations. 600 more words

Orange County

Deep frozen SQuID

Procrastination, when taken seriously, is as much an art as anything else.  If one sets one’s mind to it in a positive way then you can even take it to a whole new level and procrastinate about procrastinating…  Procrastinating, when you are a writer is never quite as satisfying as for other people, because really you are working – thinking about the next plot point, coming up with an appropriate idiosyncrasy for a character and so on.  1,813 more words


Human hibernation?

If humans are to ever leave Earth in search of a new home, it is likely we’d need to travel quite a distance to our new planet. 1,302 more words

Nitrogen ice-cream

The great chef Ferran Adria is credited with revolutionizing food through science, creating molecular cooking and inspiring chefs like Heston Blumenthal, Grand Achatz and Alvin Leung. 153 more words