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Niice Cream -- Your Ice Cream Your Way!

It was a one rainy evening that we (Prince A and I) had a chance to visit a newly opened Ice oops Niice Cream Store and review it during a food bloggers meet. 762 more words

Eating Out

Egg à la coque |liquid nitrogen|- video

The idea of a night in a kitchen, a day at the market and a menu of vegetables. Many people wonder why someone would boil an egg at −195°C but some do. 7 more words


Iscreamist! (Liquid nitrogen!!!)

Iscreamist is at Magiting St. near the Ministop (along Maginhawa St.) .

The place is a bit small and can only accommodate 15 people. It opens at 1pm. 69 more words


Spotlight: Eative Liquid Nitrogen Sorbet

As I was walking down the Front Street Market for the first time, I looked back and saw my friends were no longer behind me. I wandered back to find them and saw them sidetracked by samples of sorbet at the Eative stall. 125 more words


Sweet Science: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Instant ice cream makers, as in our opinion it’s the creamiest and tastiest option. It’s made by using liquid nitrogen, which freezes the cream to create exceptionally small ice crystals, meaning a smoother texture. 28 more words

Foodie News

Liquid Nitrogen in the Kitchen

Ever heard of the term “molecular gastronomy”? Well, neither had we until over a decade ago chefs like Spain’s Ferran Adrià of world-famous restaurant elBulli put this term on the map. 109 more words

Spanish Foods