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[Part A: Drugs] DO I FUCKING LOOK OKAY?, GIFS, 11/16

To continue the theme of the melting face I wanted to create a gif showing another personal memory of when I took acid. As I don’t know how to create the liquify effect in video editors I took a series of photographs documenting a person slowly turning to face me whilst mouthing “are you okay?” and created a gif from them. 99 more words


[Part A: Drugs] This is Stronger Than I Thought, 11/16

The beginning of my work and responses for this Drugs theme. In this project I am going to be reflecting on my drug experiences and using my memories as influence that I can use within my work; when I was looking at Henrietta Harris’ work her hand-drawn, wavy face style reminded me of the movement that happens in faces when under the influence of acid. 70 more words


Finally Fluid!

The face above is not my doing, but it’s a part of Adobe Photoshop that I’ve been dying to know how to do!  That beautiful nightmare above was created using the Liquify Filter.   222 more words

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Photoshop Tutorial: How To Resize & Reposition Eyes✔️

Denne tutorialen gjorde slik at jeg nå vet hvordan å bruke liquify tool! Jeg ble også fortalt at hvis vi skal forandre på ansiktstrekk bør det alltid være det første du gjør. 127 more words


Liquify and Warped Text

In this assignment we were to use  liquify  in Photoshop to transform a photo into a caricature. I chose an old image of my older brother, Jimmy, which I found quite amusing to work with. 12 more words


Liquify and Warped text

For this assignment we took a picture and had to make our selves look like a Caricature using the liquify tool in photo shop. I made my eyes and nose bigger and decrease the size of my fave and most. 15 more words