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(Late) Daydream #3

So, most of the time I just do little “tl;dr” daydreams on here but I figured I’d do a little excerpt. Kinda like last time. This is another Life is Strange excerpt because I am in too deep and don’t have any intentions of getting out.  440 more words


Information and All That

How easily information is at our fingertips has changed our perceptions of what we know. I’ve found myself wondering out loud, ‘how did I not know this?’ when coming across new information that quite reasonably I wouldn’t expect myself to know. 866 more words


Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 now available

Life is Strange: Before the storm – the prequel to Dontnod and Square Enix’s beloved coming-of-age story from 2015 is now twice as big! The second episode releases for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC today. 150 more words

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Pic credit to wccftech

So I’ve recently been into the popular game series, Life is Strange. It has a pretty solid fanbase, but if you’re unfamiliar with the story, I’ll give you a bit of backstory. 836 more words


Reflections on LIS - Technologies

Having completed two weeks of my LIS course so far, I felt it was time to reflect on what I’ve learnt and understood from all this data and information ideologies, which we’ve been surrounded by – living in this new age information world. 465 more words


Life is Strange BTO

Life is Strange: Before the Storm has been out about a month, but it’s already confirmed a few suspicions, created more bittersweet bits of nostalgia, and left the Chloe-Max (Chlax? 676 more words

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