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Life is Strange has launched for iOs

The mobile version of Life is Strange has now arrived on the App Store. Episode 1 costs €3.49, with an extra €9.99 for the other episodes. 31 more words

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Life is Strange is going mobile

Life is Strange is coming to iOs and Android devices shortly! With the iOs-version coming the 14th of December, and the Android version launching “early 2018”. 141 more words

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The Lighthouse 02 - Life is Strange

Ouça sobre problemas adolescentes que são mais sérios do que parecem, uma garota indie que viaja no tempo, uma história de amor e impacto emocional com  62 more words


Reflections: The Future of Libraries?

In this final blog post of the DITA module, I’ll be exploring the ways in which information technology has changed and how it has assisted LIS. 639 more words


Beware the Cylons

It feels sometimes like I can’t hear librarians mentioned without someone saying how they’re going to be replaced by robots/AI. Other than the obvious reasons why this won’t be a good replacement, there is an ethical question that I feel doesn’t get much discussion. 360 more words


Career Pathways: Web Design, Development, Production look interesting.

I’m not going to be able to stay here for long (getting sick, need rest), but I wanted to note something down before heading to bed: it looks like the goal I had before, of becoming a Web Designer first and then transitioning into a Web Developer, is not a bad option! 310 more words


Future directions?

It wasn’t until I logged on last night that I realized I had been away from blogging (at this blog, at least), for four days(!). There are a number of things going on, the most pressing of which is Finals (though that will be completely over by the end of next week). 564 more words