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Western News reports on academic libraries from a different perspective

I saw this article entitled “A novel look into role of academic libraries” through my facebook feed and just wanted to take a moment to discuss it. 229 more words


“You’re doing another degree?!" How to answer those awkward questions: a LIS Student's View

This blog post may not have all the answers to assuage those incredulous shocked faces and concerned pleas from partners, family members, friends, in-law/out-laws etc., all urging you to quit your “eternal student” status, but it will hopefully be a timely consideration of the many solid justifications for pursuing a professional library qualification which can sometimes get lost in the ether. 581 more words


ABCs of iSchool

By the iguana team

You may notice a lot of acronyms on the iguana but we’ll do out best to always tell you what they mean. 88 more words


Grown Babies

Look who grew up while I was away over the past two weeks!

Yay for having 50 battling adults in my lair!

Flight Rising

Is Responsible Stewardship an Ethical Concern?

I knew I’d have something to write about eventually.

So this week in Intro to Library, we’ve been reading and talking about the fundamental Values and Ethics of Librarianship. 479 more words

a lis odyssey

My name is Louise and I am a current student at #citylis (the Library School at City, University of London). This blog will be about my studies in Library and Information Science (LIS), and my experiences in the world of libraries. 304 more words


300. Longest Increasing Subsequence

Given an unsorted array of integers, find the length of longest increasing subsequence.

For example,
Given ,
The longest increasing subsequence is , therefore the length is… 567 more words

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