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Shopping Your Stash: Lisa Eldridge's #buynothing Tutorial

If you keep up with trends in the beauty community, there’s no denying that makeup companies have been churning out releases one right after the other (looking at you Too Faced, Urban Decay, and ColourPop). 676 more words

Buying Less

My favourite women of the internet

Introducing those who make a regular appearance in my search history. 900 more words


Quick Makeup with 6 Products

Recently I’ve been obsessed with multitasking products. I get up super early and so I’m trying to get the time it takes to do my makeup down to a reasonable time. 512 more words

Makeup Review

Lisa Eldridge Make Up (YouTube Channel)

While I personally do not wear a lot of makeup, and tend to stick to the basics instead of experimenting, I do appreciate makeup artists and I find the many makeup tutorial channels on YouTube fascinating. 214 more words

Movies, Plays, And Other Entertainment

Who to Follow

It’s no secret that social media is a great place to discover all things makeup and beauty. Maybe I’m preaching to the converted, but it provides an easy way to keep on top of beauty trends, discover talented makeup artists and follow your favourite beauty brands. 426 more words

Beauty And Makeup

Which Team Are You On?

I’ve mentioned this topic in some blog posts and Allison Barbera Beauty Facebook statuses, so it’s time to explain myself. Or rather, explain the current division between Editorial makeup and Instagram makeup. 1,006 more words

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